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November 23, 2006



Too funny! The top vest makes the wearer look like a walking target, and that purple fig leaf thing - aaack! Anyway, have a great Thanksgiving!


Oh you are SO Right! That stuff is UGLY, too ugly to wear. Though I like the shawl.

Have a great day everyone!


I've sort of wanted to take a look, but I was impressed by the outfit on the front cover.

The first three designs aren't impressive either, just blown up dolies(and you know that I love doilies, just not to wear.

I kind of like the bolero, but the chenille makes it look too heavy. It would be really cute in another yarn, and the tank isn't too bad, but I couldn't wear it.

I'll take a closer look at the book store, but I don't think I'll buy it.

Happy Thansgiving to you and yours. We've just started cooking.


LOL... purple fig leaf thing :)

I hadn't noticed until I scrolled back to remember which one Kristen was referring to, but those leaf motifs are either strategically or unfortunately placed (or maybe it's an unfortunately strategic placement, I dunno). With the non-color top underneath it, it looks like she's wandering around all but nekkid.


Quote - "today's penchant for instant gratification" - End Quote

I couldn't agree with you more! I mostly crochet scarves, and I refuse to use those extremely large hooks. I'm not insulting people who make scarves with large hooks and knitting needles because I have seen some nice ones, but I've seen more that have been made in an evening and they look it.

I also agree with you about the patterns you show above. They remind me of the old crochet pictures from the 60's/70's that people like to show when they're making fun of crochet.

erica b.

Thanks for the review on this. This book has been on my Amazon Wishlist for months! What a disappointment.


Oh, how disappointing! I was so excited about this book, and I do like the picture on the cover. I was planning on ordering it from Amazon but now I will at least wait until I can look at it in person. Thanks for the review from me too.


Those patterns are enough to give crochet a bad name. Truly awful.


Ewwww! "Chunky" and "lace" *so* don't go together. :P


Oh, I am so disappointed. I was actually looking forward to getting my hands on this book. Thanks for the review.

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