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  • Square Neck Tank top - knit

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November 30, 2006



That work ethic will get you every time. It's probably the number one reason I had such a hard time leaving Skein. That sense of obligation is pretty powerful.

Your sweater is looking great. And I think it's going to be very flattering on you.


Oh man - You've got sub-freezing temperatures and snow in New Mexico and we had all the windows open last night and the temperature's supposed to get into the mid-60s today! Heheh - weirdness all around :)

Your sweater is really pretty and have I mentioned how much I like that color?


Larry - Yeah, the sense of obligation is really hard to shake. I've always been one of those who'd show up to work unless I was on death's door. And then I'd probably go in, just to be told to go home!

I'm hoping the lines will be flattering but you just never know until it's actually on a body!

Thanks, Robbyn. :) I'm usually not one for pastels, but in this case I think it'll work for me.

Yes - this cold snap really came out of the blue for us - just a few days ago it was T-shirt weather!


Sucks about having to work, atleast it is sort of your choice and you like the teacher/class. Cool about the snow. It never snows here.

That is pretty cold, our heat has been out for two days, someone sabotaged us. It is fixed now. $75 for the heat guy to tell us that someone climbed up on the roof, pulled out some relay plug off the air/heating unit, turned it upside down and plugged it back in. The heat guy just turned the plug back the other way and it worked. Luckily it hasn't been as cold here as it is where you are.

That is awesome you are almost done with the sleeves. I am almost done with the back. I need to get working on it. I will be interested to see how yours looks and fits, etc. I bet yours will have a drapey fit and mine will be like a spring-back-on-you type fit.


you're having our weather. it's supposed to be 69 degrees today, with thunderstorms. wtf! it hasn't snowed yet and i still haven't brought out my winter coat.

very weird.

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