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October 02, 2006



You might go back and re-download the pattern - I did after my stitch counts were off. Also, the old pattern is missing a yo on the front lace panel. The new download seems OK so far. Good luck!


Thanks, Jenn! Unfortunately, the stitch counts are still wrong at the site, but I think the lace panel is correct. :) It shouldn't be too big a deal - I just have to remember that all the other stitch counts will be off by 4 too!


Sorry about the top. I have the pattern and may try it someday.


Bummer about SKB! Well at least you didn't go to sleeve island first :)

And crap about the stitch counts. Everything was smooth for the 34" size. Can't wait to see yours develop!


Sorry about SKB. I know you always say you've lost nothing but time, but it's gotta hurt some after all that work.
Oh, boy! We get to hear about house hunting adventures in the future! That will be fun!


Dear Bron, I'm going nutty looking for this booklet:
Patons Classics "Elegance" - #500807 on Elann and various online stores. You made a wrap sweater from it. Say if you are done and want to trade something for it or want to sell it I'd be glad, or maybe just tell me where to look for it. Thanks, Elizabeth

Carrie K

The moving/not moving plans sound pretty good. ITA, why move if you have to?


Oh, say it aint so...Do you think a lighter weight yarn would have helped it look better? The pullover I am working on should probably gon in a pile in the closet, but I am going to finish it for the sake of finishing it, even if it feels like chainmail and makes me look like a variagated blob.


Vera - I'm sure it would look great on you!

I've got the numbers figured out, Jillian, and am zipping along. :) You're right - it's a fast knit!

And yes - thank goodness I didn't knit long sleeves on SKB first!!!!

Linda - I know you all are DYING to hear about all our house-hunting trials & tribulations! LOL

Elizabeth - answered in email.

Carrie - exactly. :)

Wendy - Yeah, a lighter weight/drapier yarn might've been better, but honestly, that deep V just looks like crap on me. Something about the way my body is configured or something.

There's something to be said for finishing something just for the sake of finishing it. SKB was WAY too far gone for me to even try!


Bummer about SKB. Why did the deep Vneck look like crap? What is just the lace panel that didn't look right on you? I'm curious because I've thought about making that pattern. I actually bought yarn to make it just last week, so I'm a bit concerned. If not, I can always use it for something else.
I think you're right, that moving to this different area isn't the best idea for your kids now, nor for your family as a whole. Everything happens for a reason and I do believe in signs too. It's all telling you that moving to that area isn't the best idea. Happy Househunting!


Hi Bron. Bummer about SKB. I'm getting antsy about this myself. My yarn arrived today - gorgeous stuff (soy silk) but I'm already getting anxious about getting gauge with it. My tension must be way out as I'm about 6 sts over what the label says is the correct gauge for the recommended needle size for the yarn. I hate swatching.... So hearing about your skb drama isn't filling me with optimism!! I think I'll be swatching until the cows come home at this rate.

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