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October 19, 2006



As usual, thanks for the book preview. I love that choker. It might be a good Christmas present option for the nieces. I'm on a different sleeve island, one where I'm knitting sleeve two of a cardigan knit ENTIRELY in moss stitch. I'm dreaming about it.


Wow, that dressing gown is something else! Fabulous! It would take forever to make (well, it would take Me forever to make, but not for you!). How much yarn does it require? A lot I bet!

Have a great day everyone!


Bron, I am knitting the simple shrug pattern with the shadows yarn from caron and it is basically one incredibly long and boring sleeve. You knit the sleeve...then knit 19 inches in straight stockinette...and then the other sleeve. It is long and boring. I know you thought about making this, so I am telling you how boring it is, ha ha.


I have lots of trouble with sleeves since I get bored with them.

I love that pink top from Romantic Style. It's adorable.


Entirely of moss stitch? Oh, you crazy thing, you!

Margaret - LOL - It would take me forever too, don't worry! The largest, longest size takes 19 balls of Rowan Kid Classic. Which lists for about $9.50/skein. Add expensive along with taking forever to knit! I think rather than pay $180 to knit a dressing gown, I'd pay $100 to buy one...say ...down at Kohls! LOL

Wendy - thanks for the warning! I honestly don't know how I'm going to get through the second sleeve on this one. Sigh.

Yeah, I really love that top too. That's mainly the reason I bought the book. :)


Just had to write and tell you that I was inspired by your "Audrey" -it is fast, I admit I had to make it after seeing yours. Only problem, I think I'm having the same problem you were, right around the "four different things at one time" place. Please tell me I'm not nuts! But my stitch count isn't matchng, not even close. Could you email me if you have the time, and share your problem? I've also searched for errata and can't find any. Thanks for the inspiration, too!

Carrie K

Oh, I covet that dressing gown!

All sleeves are endless. It's the nature of a sleeve. Insidious little things.

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