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October 26, 2006



I wear the shawls I made a lot (especially at the school) and teachers always comment, especially on the mohair one I made (positively too-I have to add this-LOL). I also make Elena hats, scarves and mittens Elena told me they always ask her if I made them (is this good or bad?). Last year she wore a tank/bolero set I made her and one of the other teachers saw her in the hallway, grabbed her and asked her where she got the set. Elena told her I made it and the teacher went on and on how much she liked it, etc. Elena refused to wear it again because it brought on too much attention-kids, go figure.


I have gotten comments of shawls - which people do seem to assume are hand-made - if not my you, then my a friend or a relative. And I have gotten one compliment on the ruffled jacket. I just thanked the girl and let it slide. Unless someone specifically asks whether I made something myself, I won't say anything.


When I sewed I found that other people who sew tend to comment more. Also, I get more compliments from people who know me than from strangers. Truthfully, I don't think people compliments one another as much as they used to.

Amy Boogie

The only places I go are usually where there are other parents and no one notices. Actually most of them try to avoid eye contact with me at all. haha. So I rarely if ever get a knit noticed. My girl gets compliments on her hats and mittens quite frequently though.


I don't think anyone outside my immediate family has ever noticed. Oh, except yarn store employees, but I don't think that counts.


I think if people don't compliment you on your sweaters you've made, it's because they're so professionally made they just assume you bought them. So that in itself is a huge compliment. Also, the things you make are different than what most people commonly see in knitting store patterns and a lot of sweaters you wear, you've designed yourself.

The compliments usually arise when co-workers are sitting around having coffee together or working closely on a project. I think people notice and would say something Bron, but you're in there grabbing food and what not, and out again so fast.

One day, you'll be working at the school in a group setting with the other teachers, and someone will compliment you on something you've made and then it will all come out. They'll say 'I've been meaning to tell you how much I love your clothes, just never got the chance to say anything 'til now'. :)

What I usually do when I see a knit on a bus or anywhere, is to stare, appreciating the project. Usually I'm behind the person though, so they don't notice I'm lookin'. By the time I'd get the chance to say how much I love it, the person's gone.

Don't feel bad. I'm sure you have a lot of people admiring the things you've made.


I've been wearing my socks a lot, and people get a kick of of them. Now people think I make all the socks I wear.


Knitters/crocheters notice if they know the pattern, or if it's obviously homemade. Muggles ask about everything else I have on me only if I'm knitting or crocheting at the time.


When I wear either of the two sweaters I've knit (both with Noro Yarn), I get lots of compliments. I usually say thank you and only admit to knitting if asked.

Same thing with my jewelry.

I always compliment when I see a fabulous knitted object or a piece of jewelry. Most likely they are lovingly hand-made, and I like to encourage.


It depends. Sometimes I get more compliments/comments than others. Because I work in a call center and get a lot of knitting done there, people often see what I'm working on and recognize it as a finished object once done, so I get comments that way. And sometimes I make no fuss about it, so people either do comment on it, or they don't and that's okay too.


Several people at work know I knit and will sometimes comment (positively) on what I'm wearing. Today I wore my Dale Peerie Brocade to school for the first time but got no comments - not a big deal but it is nice when they notice!


I get lots of positive comments on my headbands (pantas) which I wear frequently. Mostly I don't own up to making them myself.

Nobody notices my socks :(
I see sometimes people give my jumpers and the kid's jumpers admiring glances, esp from older ladies, say 60 years plus in the shopping centre that sort of thing..
Rarely do people stop me in the street and say anything.
Some of the ladies at the gym have notcied the volume of knitted stuff and commented on that, and when I said that I made them, said "how lovely they were" etc. For the most part i think they are genuine


ood question BTW - oh, and I;m sure Cece looks just smashing on you today :0)


Family members and friends give compliments or they ask if I made it and then are just bewildered. Usually those comments are followed up with, "I wish I could do that....or...I could never do that." I wore the one-skein scarf today and got comments from my friends. I think it is because they know me.


Most people think I'm pretty eccentric to start with (grin) I don't get too many surprised looks about my love of knitting or when I wear my FOs. Like Nat, I get admiring glances from older women when out shopping. One older lady asked my daughter if she had made her poncho herself. She hadn't and neither had I actually, but it was nice to know there are people out there who appreciate hand knitted clothing.


i usually only get comments from other knitters or by people who know i'm a knitter.

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