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October 30, 2006



They certainly look busy in the pictures. They would all be too heavy for wear in Oklahoma, also.


I agree with you for the most part, but I have to keep this book.

I got it this weekend. I read through it, and I absolutely love it.

I live in coastal South Carolina, so I don't need big heavy sweaters either, nor am I into lots of cabling, but I love that poncho and the skirt and the pillows and afghans too.

Her opening instructions on cables is excellent and nearly worth the price of the book. Her patterns are so well written and not just crammed for space, and I love the stitch dictionary in the back.

Honestly, the chances of me doing much out of it are low, but like my Vogue Knitting mags, I just enjoy having it, and it has already increased my knowledge and love for cables.


well up here in new england, cables are never too much.

i love that afghan. i'll have to check the book out at the bookstore.

thanks for the review


You're welcome, Maryse. :) I know my afghan days are over - another reason I've passed this one by.

Vera - I totally understand why someone would keep it. But when I looked at my bookshelf filled with books I like looking at but never really used (Vogue Knitting comes to mind!) I realized I didn't need another one. After all, I'm trying to downsize around here! LOL

Linda - The cable patterns are really pretty, just not my style. :)


I agree: very nice book, and cables are very nice...just not in south florida. If only i lived up north!

re: Vogue-is it just me, or where there some highly questionable patterns/items in there??


Thanks for the informative review. :)


I wish I lived in a climate where I could wear all-over cables. We rarely even need sweaters here at winter. I miss the cold weather.


Certainly to heavy for Queensland Australia! I do like the afghan and the cushion though. Thanks for the review. It always helps to know what someone else thinks of the new books out there. They are getting too expensive to make buying mistakes - I'd rather spend the money on yarn than something that will just sit on the bookshelf!


KnittyKim - It's not just you. ::wink::

Terri - I really love that pillow too. Unfortunately, I can't justify keeping the book for just that pattern!

Wendy - I hear ya. :) We, at least, need sweaters (and coats!) but I'm just so fussy (and run so hot) that I can't wear heavy stuff inside, no matter how cold it is outside!


This is the first I've seen of this book, and being a cable junkie, will probably buy it sooner or later. And I do love the all-over cable sweaters! Fortunately there is plenty of cold enough weather here to make good use of them.

Holly Burnham

While I'm intrigued by the patterns and the lovely photos...I realy don't think I'd be comfortable in such heavy clothing.
One woman's opinion.......


The cape is just too yummy!


While Brussels is not the coldest place (it snows maybe twice a winter here) I do have to face the cold Michigan Christmas season, and I love cable sweaters!

Thanks for the review - I'll have to take a look at it in December when I go home!


Thanks for the review of the book. I'm not a huge fan of allover cables, so that is something to make me less likely to want to knit a pattern from the book. I'll check it out though.


Thanks very much for the review, Bron! I think I have the same opinion as yours about all over cable sweaters ... so most probably I'll just check this book out from the library ... for the sampler afghan! It's just gorgeous!


Holly - Yes, as I said in my entry, the all-over cables are just too much. I made a sweater like that several years ago & learned my lesson the hard way!

Ruth - I've heard that opinion on several blogs! I doubt I'd wear it but I'd still like to make it! ::grin::

Kimberly - It's definitely worth a peek. ;)

Wanda & Agnes - the library might be the best way to go, especially if only a couple of patterns appeal to you.


Thank you so much for the review. This is the kind of information I was looking for. I also have tons of books and do not want to buy another one just to sit there. I am an advanced knitter and for the comments it looks like I rather stick to my Alice Starmore books on Aran. From the pictures I didn't see anything that I would die for except for the sample blanket! I do plan on designing my own ARans but it seems like I already have what I need for that, since I already own "Aran Sweater Design". The only thing I am missing is good stitch library so I will probably buy the Vogue Knitting CAble stitch library.

Again, thank you all for the comments this blog was very helpful. I am glad I found it.


puma shoes

sweater to try first, then she leads you into a sampler afghan to hone your

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