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October 27, 2006



You're 6 feet tall? Sorry, I can't seem to get past that part of it.


I meant to reply yesterday and got distracted at work instead! :)

I find that the people who know I knit/crochet are more likely to ask me if I made the item I'm wearing (Rogue a couple of weeks ago, for example; occasionally store-bought items too). In some ways, I actually prefer to not have other people notice (non-crafty folk that is). ;)

Love the quilt and the sweater is looking great -- those short stretches of colors are making it look almost tweedy.


Hmmm, there's no photo to indicate What you received yesterday & if you're keep it or not? Could it be....yarn???

As far as compliments go, what we say around here in Wyoming is "You sure clean up nice!" LOL

Have a great day everyone!


That's really too bad about the cliqueiness at your school. :(

Pamela Hamwright

I am having problem ending my crochetting. I weed my ending in, but still something has crochet pieces hanging, what is the secret for not letting any pieces of crochet hanging?


I'm pretty lucky. Where I office there is always someone who compliments something that I am wearing - handmade or not. Of course, I make it a habit to always give people compliments.


First, about your back pain...I hear you there. I can emphasize with having daily back pain. I have found when it gets real bad that I put on 024 which is an oil that you spray on your back (or hands or whatever that hurts.) I takes about 20 minutes to absorb to get the full effect and you will smell like a giant Peppermint patty, but it is worth it. They sell it at Rite-Aid or Longs and if you don't have either of those I will buy you some and send it to you. It will not heal you, but will make life more tolerable. I have never found anything else like it.

Secondly, in regards to the quilt...well, I think that it doesn't matter. I have made several quilts and have yet to make one that is "perfect." I don't know if it is the binding where you made your mistakes, but I think that is the hardest part to get right, unless you do it by hand (which I am too lazy to do.) It is easier to frog knitting than it is to frog quilting.

Anyways, Dylan looks happy and that is cool! You gave him something that hopefully he will have years and years from now and will use.


Going back to you question on compliments. Although some days my job is really "challenging", the reason I've stayed as long as I have is the people. Even the men pay compliments. "That's a nice colour on you" or "great hair cut". Every one knows I knit so there are some that are quite interested in if I made it, was it difficult, how long did it take, etc. Some mornings I get dressed according to who will be working that day, I know there will be someone who is interested in seeing that sweater finally done.


Jess - I know what you mean about being almost happy when non-crafty people DON'T notice. It gets tiring to explain sometimes. :)

You're right about the tweediness - I'm liking how this is knitting up.

Margaret - No, it's a book, "Cables Untangled" - I need to get that pic posted!

Andrea - In some ways it's age related. There are lots of young, (yes..I'll say it..."hot") teachers and they tend to band together. Then there are the older, "been there, totally done that years ago" teacher and THEY band together. There isn't much room left for little old me! LOL

Cindy - Yeah, you'd think with all the things I'd say, someone might reciprocate. You're lucky to work where you do! :)

Wendy - Thanks for the heads up regarding the 024 - I'll look for it. :)
The binding on the quilt came out ok - I did it by hand - but I'd made some mistakes in the piecing & quilting. I tell myself, "AW - don't worry. It'll "quilt out" but some things on this one never did. I was too far along to scrap it - after all, Dylan will get some use out of it. But I'll never allow him to take it out of the house! I'll make him another, much better one, with fewer mistakes! LOL

June - That's great that you have such feedback. :) I'm sure the dearth of comments I have is indicative of where I work, not people in general. Although I do know that men tend to be shy with compliments - fearful of sexual harassment complaints!


I love Dylan's quilt. My grandmothers and mom quilted, but I've never had the patience for it. I have a couple of quilt tops that my mother never got around to quilting, but I've found a lady in town who will machine quilt them for me.
I can't believe no one said anything about CeCe. It has always been one of my favorites. Maybe it's a Southern thing, but people still compliment each other around here. Even total strangers.

Great Tip

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