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September 22, 2006



Rarely am I first to comment on your blog, ha ha. Yep, I am up late, not early. I find that incredibly interesting how the sleeve striped. I sort of like it too, and am interested to see how it looks on. Of course, I too am interested to find out if you have problems getting the other one to match.

I hate it when people don't do their job, period, no matter what type of job it is. Those people are out there, though. They will goof off and not do anything as soon as anyone with authority turns their back and in the class room unless the principal is sitting in the class they kind of have their way with things.


Fantasic news about CE!


Woah... wierd striping! (Not "bad", but strange that it was able to do that so precisely!)

Let's hope they don't make some fundamental change in the CE that makes it icky! (Don't you hate it when they do that?)


i'm very excited about the return of CE also.


Smokey Quartz is looking good, I like the sleeve striping that way.

Our school only has 50 teachers and the sub pool is tiny (hundreds made me gulp), but one of the subs from last year told me she was working 4 days a week for months last year and she supposed this year would be the same. They want people who will teach and not do what you said the other subs are doing and if that means they don't call those subs, so be it. At one point, they consolidated two classes for one day rather then call in a sub who "wasn't doing their job right".

So it's a lousy situation your school is in because it's obviously much larger. I'm just saying that our district put their foot down to anyone not willing to be a team player, even if it meant juggling classes for it or the Principal teaching a class for a day. Theya lso won't hire from outside of the school district which limits how many they get. The thought of working 4 days a week freaks me out a little (after not working for so long), but think of all the fiber goodness I can buy!


That IS good news about CE coming back! Smart, very smart!

Love the striped sleeve and hope your other sleeve comes out striped too.

I enjoy hearing about the school happenings. Very, very interesting and informative info. What a shame about the shortage of subs. Quality vs. quantity situation there.

Have a great day everyone!


I think it's so cool what the smokey quartz is doing! I really love that yarn, and I can't wait to see your finished top.
Glad your classes went well yesterday.


A lot of knitters will be happy to hear about that. As many people that lvoe it, I wondered why they ever discontinued it. Also, their current patterns are not nearly as atrocious as in the past. Maybe someone in marketing got a clue!

Smokey Quartz is looing fab. I like the striping. It looks like you did it on purpose!

Amy Boogie

I had just heard about the Cottonease return. I'm scared. Scared for my stash. New colors? oh no!


yep - your work here is done! But in all seriousness, I'm sure the blogging world must have helped someat. Now to e-mail the Knitting Loft (Aus suppliers of Lion Brand)... Then MY work will be done!


It's so nice to hear about the world of subbing and no longer be there myself! ;) But you're right - stick to the teacher's plans and they will be happy. Regardless of anything else that happens, if I can tell that they've attempted to get through the plans I'm happy. I had a sub last week who just kept going through the language book (NOT in my plans) and ended up doing everything we were supposed to do for this week AND next week! Argh!

Yippee for Cotton Ease!


I think smokey quarts looks fab with those sleeves. Just a bit different - very nice. I like 'em! Guess we Aussies can rely on you to let us know when the new cotton ease range hits the shelves in the US? :o) That is great news btw, I'm really pleased because I'll actually get to try the stuff now. Thought I'd missed the boat completely.


I wish you the best for the second sleeve :o))


Wendy - that's so true. After all, what kind of example are the substitutes setting for the kids? The teacher's away so it's ok to play? Sheesh.

Andrea - That's what I'm afraid of....70 yd. skeins that cost $6.00 each and only 30% cotton or something like that!

Deneen - in so many ways, you're lucky to be working in a small school system. I know that last year our sub manager hired 800 new subs & 400 just disappeared during the first few months of school. No wonder we're chronically short of subs. Of course, Albuquerque has about 95,000 students (the largest school district in the state) so it takes a lot of man power to keep coverage in all those classrooms!

And yes - working almost every day after not for so long IS freaky! I'm still getting used to it but...the $$ is very, very nice. :)

Margaret - Well, of COURSE the other sleeve didn't stripe as I ordered it to! LOL You'll see how I fixed it shortly...

Thanks, Linda. :)

Jillian - it DID look like it was on purpose, but when I tried it with the other sleeve (on purpose) it was a no-go. Must've been a fluke with those two skeins of yarn. Sigh. Oh well - all I lost is time! hehe

Amy...I'm hoping new, GOOD colors. And yes, my stash is already groaning in anticipation.

Yikes, Jenn! I can't believe the sub did that to you! (Well, ok - yes I can. Sigh)

Now I'm hoping that new CE comes out soon! LOL

Terri - I swear I'll be among the first to know & so will you. ;)

Thanks, Pyogazel. :) The sleeves are coming out ok, just not quite striped the way I'd thought they'd be. But more on that a bit later!

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