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September 20, 2006



What a nice present! It's so nice to get surprises in the mail. :)


Thank you for you words. As a single mother with a 17 year old girl, I concure that Jr. High was especially hard. In our school district, they don't hold kids accountable for their grades until high school, so she learned early that if she didn't do the work she'd still pass to the next grade.

I never grounded, I only talked and planned. Made doing work easier and found neighbors that could help her when I couldn't.

I can't say that I saw immediate results, in fact, everyone was working for my daughter except for my daughter. Until she was a year behind in highschool where they finally made her accountable and they suggested she didn't belong and should drop out and get a GED (to which I said over my dead body). Now she gets straight As and is being encouraged to follow a path that would lead to a career in the Sciences.

I feel that if I'd faught and argued with her, if I'd dictated how she needed to act that she would be far less open to me now and I would have to worry far more about her activites. As it is, I never have felt the need to snoop in her room to find out what she does.


I've been very concerned about Middle School. My oldest started sixth grade this year. In NYC we have a choice for middle school and so we had to take tours and make a decision as to the best one. It seems to have been the right choice. He's adjusting well and it's a good school that kids do well all the way through but I'll feel better when he's happily in his senior year of college;)


I've taught and counseled at all grade levels of public school, and I have to concur with everything you've said, Bron. Especially keeping the sixth graders at elementary. In the olden days (back in the 50s)I went to a K-8 school. The opportunities to be useful with the littler kids would be a good thing for our hardened, jaded youth today. I started my educator career in the early 70s, and I thought things were pretty bad then. They have only gotten worse and worse. Congratulations to you for keeping a good attitude about being a sub...truly the hardest job in the entire world.


Wow! Yarn! Great Present!

My hubby used to drive an Activities Bus for the school district. He said 7th graders listen to warnings and pay attention. These same kids, 1 year later, are horrible. They don't listen or pay attention and many a time he had to literally pull over and stop the bus until everyone stayed in their seats and were quiet. Chaperones were on these Activities trips so that the Bus Driver should not have to go to such extremes, but many chaperones would lose control of the situation. He would threaten to turn the bus around and head back and he would have done it too if the kids' unwelcome behavior had continued. So you see this is everywhere probably world-wide!

Have a great day everyone!


Great present! What do you plan to make with it?

I worked as a teacher's aide in a high school for a couple of years as well as a house mom to a group of teens, and I have nothing but admiration for those who work with kids.


Andrea - Yes, I haven't had a surprise present in a long time!

Kendra - Thanks so much for adding your opinion. I'm glad to hear from someone who's tried things our way and thinks it worked! As a parent, I wish I had a crystal ball that would tell me the decisions I'm making now are the right ones for the future. Then again, we'd all like that, wouldn't we?

Nancy - Middle school is the hardest, hands down. It's wonderful that you have a choice - going to a school that you and your child agree on is a great head start for success! Which sounds like a public education ad, but if a child is comfortable in his/her surroundings, they'll be able to focus & succeed. :)

Thanks, Sharon. It's just so hard to keep smiling some days, you know?

Margaret - You're SO right. I swear it's hormones, pure & simple. Although I ALSO swear it was never this bad back when I was in school. Then again, that was 30 years ago and times have certainly changed. Sigh.

Vera - Not sure what the yarn will be - outer wear certainly since the wool can't be next to my skin. A cabled jacket, maybe? Hmmmm....

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