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September 21, 2006



Okay, I can't look at the foot pic without my stomach doing flip-flops-ugh.

The smokey quartz is coming out nicely-perfect colorway for fall. I still haven't found that magazine here (and I have been looking), so I'll ask ya this: how much sonata did your size take (since we wear the same top size)?

At least the Special-Ed classes should be much smaller in size-of course, I have only seen the elementary special ed classes, not sure what the middle school ones are like. Good luck-you're tough, I have faith in ya!


Ouch!!! Good luck with special ed! :)


Beautiful, just beautiful! You are just too fast Bron. Your hands must be a blur!

You would think Special-Ed would be a piece of cake. My son-in-law taught High School Life Skills classes to Sp-Ed students and they were The Worst. It works something like this:
In elementary school, special needs children are so loving (lots of hugs, though now that is discouraged because of all this sex stuff happening in schools). The SN children are in the same school as those rough-n-rowdy children and pick up on the R&R behavior. By the time the SN children are in High School, they are just as bad (if not worse) than the general student population.

My s-i-l said his SN class would give him finger gestures or say those dreaded 4-letter words to him. I was shocked! Sad but true.

I'll be praying for you Bron.

Have a great day everyone!


Oh gee, Bron. A painful foot and two days of special ed. does not sound good. I'm sending good thoughts your way. Hopefully, today is where your height will come in handy.


That Smokey Quartz is WAY COOL. I haven't seen a yarn that makes me drool in a long time.

I'm planning on giving NOTICE mid-October - then the sh*t's really going to hit the fan. Wish I could blog about this stuff.




Gee did you have to start the post out with Gore! Yuck.. and ouch! Could you warn us next time please.

Just got the magazine last night, and I think I might try the smokey Quartz as well. Yours is beautiful!


Sorry about your foot. Hope it heals fast. I heard a rumor that LB is bringing Cotton Ease back...have you heard anything?


Oy! What did you say when you cut your foot? At first I couldn't make out what I was looking at there.


Okay, before I read what had happened, I thought you had cut open your hip, lol! Now I can see it is your foot. Hopefully it isn't too painful and you are wearing a loose shoe.

The Smokey Quartz is smok'n! It looks great, I can't wait for you to be done.

Good luck with the class today, I am sure you will do fine!


Ouch indeed. I have to say I wondered what I was looking at when your blog opened, and before I read the captions. I thought "OMG, she's been stabbed!!" LOL. Those are some veins you have running down your back. LOLOL. The smokey quartz is looking good. I bought a pair of 3/4 pants today that would look great with a top in these colours. You're a bad influence on me you know. ;o)


Sorry about scaring you all with my foot! LOL It's amazing what a person finds to blog about at 5:45 AM. hehe

By the way, it didn't hurt all day & looks like it will heal up nicely. :)

And yes, yes, YES! I just tried on Smokey Quartz again and it is, indeed, smokin'! I love this thing.

I can't wait to buy Doris Chan's new book which is coming out soon.

And yes ....drumroll...Cotton Ease is being re-released in all new colorways.

Think I should sell what I've been hoarding? Then again, if the colorways are new, my stash should still be worth it's weight in gold, right? ha!


Well, you should atleast hold on to your stash until the new CE gets released. I am pretty sure you will find use for all that you have. Let's hope for some jewel tones and earthy colors. :)


Love the smoky's great on you, I plan to make it myself when I find the right yarn. You are so incredibly fast whether you knit or crochet and I am in awe! I've learned alot from reading your blog. I'm celebrating with y'all about the re-release of Cotton-ease. Can't wait for the Vanilla. been lost without it! good luck in your new classroom.

K. Anne

Duh me, you already knew about the cotton ease. I guess I should read the comments more often, lol.

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