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  • Something Red - knit

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September 24, 2006



That looks great, and just in time fro Fall.


Smokey Quartz looks great on you! And in your favorite colors!


It looks so nice on you, and the colors remind me of that chocolate candy corn.

Erica B.

beautiful! love the fall colors!


I was reading your comments and would like to mention...I have never tried a chocolate candy corn. Interesting.

Bron, I love the smokey quartz tunic. With the yarn colors you used, it kind of looks like falling leaves. I think it is perfect for this season. It is hard to pull of anything with orange in it in other times of year, so get lots of wear out of it now through November. :)


Nice! It looks great on you. :)


Really love this sweater. I've been looking for a crochet project lately, this might just be it!


Nice job-the colors look great on you


I really love that sweater - so lovely on you!


The length on the tunic is fantastic. Just where I like my shirts to hit (not that ANYTHING I find in the stores ever does).


That is gorgeous. It does look much better on.


Looks terrific Bron and you look great wearing it. Very flattering. Not that you need it these days....look at that neat little tush. LOL. Good for you.


Thanks, everyone. :)

Hey Terri - Thanks for noticing the tush! LOL I didn't realize that was a good "rear" angle until after I'd posted.

Leisel - I might've even added a couple of more inches if the fit was looser. As it is, any longer & it would be hugging my tummy bulge! Not a flattering look. ;)

Brenda - It's super simple & fast - you'll love it. :)

Kristen - Like Wendy, I've never seen, let alone eaten, chocolate candy corn!

Wendy - Yeah, I'm planning on wearing this to school tomorrow. I'm so happy the days are finally cool enough for sweaters!

Karen Carter

I love the tunic and it's on my list of to do's. Great job as usual.


Looks great!


Tunic looks great!


Wow it came out great. Very fallish like everyone else has said. Perfect for wearing to school. Nice work!


Very, very snazzy! A perfect fall sweater. The design is quite nice, but it would be nothing without the exquisite execution :)

Wanna bet that whatever Lionbrand replace Cottonease with, it'll be about 3 times the old price?

Cynical? Me? LOL....


Thanks, everyone! I wore it today and, despite the temp rising a little too high in the afternoon to stay comfy, I enjoyed it!

Robbyn - that's SO what I'm afraid of! 65 yd skeins at $5 each! LOL

Carrie K

Nah, they'd never take advantage.....well, never mind.

The tunic came out really nicely! And [peering at it] isn't doesn't look too revealing either, which is what I thought it might be.


That is really great! u did a fab job on it.

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