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August 31, 2006



I would have shouted too; glad it was a pretty easy fix. I love that City Cardigan too, and in just those juicy oranges!


Just to bug you a bit, I think it was Maggie Righetti who talked about admiring your work frequently.
Or they both said the same thing.

Who cares by the way - it's sound advice, that's for sure.


I meant to say what a lovely shower it looks like too - very lucky tenants they will be, and very *worthy* of a marble shower; and lucky you guys in the meantime- very flash! TOO MUCH VERY!!!!


You are such a prolific knitter/crocheter. Do you needles ever start sparking? I wish I could accomplish half as much as you have. I like that Tahki cropped cardigan a lot.


Annette - You're probably right. :) To be honest, I've never read a book by either of them (baaaaad knitter!) so I probably got the quote confused. ::Grin::

Kristen - I'm usually not an orange person, but for some reason this cardi really tripped my trigger. Now - let's hope it's an easy knit!

Nat - So flash I hate to use it! LOL

Elizabeth - I have a feeling that someday I'll just burn out in a blaze of glory. ::grin:: That's what happened with my quilting. I just suddenly...stopped! I'll probably have to stop doing cardis someday. Maybe when I hit 100 in my closet?


You'll love crocheting that Tahki top. I love mine and should make another.


I would have shouted and thrown objects!

I have been eyeing that Tahki little thing too-I have some Sonata (not black, but hey) and I was trying to figure out what to substitute the yarn with-thanks for the idea! Of course you know, I am built slightly better then the model-so it should look fab!

I just wrote to see if you got the CE-since it's showing as pending now-go!


Vera - Yours has been in the back of my mind since I saw you modeling it on your blog. Too cute! :) I'm glad I finally decided on the yarn to use for mine.

Deneen - Trust me, that SKB almost ended up across the room, next to the TV. I would've fixed it last night but I was so tired I said, "Screw it" & went to bed! LOL I'll fix it today at work (if they don't need me elsewhere) so hopefully I'll have some lacey bits to show you all tomorrow.

The CE seller told me she had 11 emails for that lot. She had no idea it was so popular! As for me, I lucked out once again. ;)


Buggars... if you hadn't, I was next in line. I should've known. :)


No hyperventilating :) Feeling better I hope?

I can imagine what I would have shouted finding that twist. Glad it wasn't more work than a half hour. Whew!


Just how much CE do you have in your stash now? About 3/4 of the total production? Lol.

Figure out a way to bottle your knitting speed and sell me some...I've knit a whopping 2 rows on a HEEL. Yep, a whole 32 stitches total in 3 days. Knit some for me, ok?

gina L.

You have a lot of patience I see... what a virtue. SKB is looking great! I have been shopping around for yarn to use for the Simple Knitted Bodice. What yarn did you choose?



Whew! Indeed, Jillian! I managed to untwist it during class today - hopefully I'll get the lace going tonight. :)

LOL - Jill. If only it wasn't a sock, I'd knit a bit for you!

And yes - I have much more CE in my stash than I've ever seen in a store. Heck, in a dozen stores!

Gina - I'm using Cotton Ease & so far it's working really well. It was in my stash & the right gauge so I went for it. :) Plus comfort is key for me and I figure I'll be wearing this top a lot. :)


Doh! I hate it when I have a twist!


Even the Yarn Harlot has been taking a dive in the frog pond of late, so we're in illustrious company as we puddle about. :o) It makes me feel better anyway. :o)

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