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  • Something Red - knit

  • Two tea cozies - one knit, one crochet

  • Square Neck Tank top - knit

  • Doris Chan's Lace Cardi - crochet

  • Nantucket Jacket

  • Fish Bath Mat

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  • More dishcloths than one person should EVER make

  • Fountain Lace Cardi - Knit

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August 22, 2006



So I'm guessing your not a throw over knitter... You work so fast! Wow those sleeves look great. I love the color.

Your pooch is adorable. Especially the wet spot on the pillow. Killed me laughing. LOL


Hey Kelly - I'm a thrower. :) In fact, I throw AND release the yarn between every stitch. Just call me Funky-Knitter. :::Grin:::

Emma's spoiled us for Corgis forever. :) Although Colin keeps insisting he wants a Golden Retriever!


The Mr. Green story was a chuckle! Very amusing!

I thought that was a Heart on Emma's pillow until you said it was drool. Very talented dog that can drool heart shapes.

Have a great day everyone!


Oh, how funny! I wonder where she got that idea. I have never heard of any man named Bron, but I have heard of quite a few women (well, Bron or Bronwyn, anyways).


Maybe I should share with you my story of my grandmother. She was in her late 80's and in a care home because she had alzheimers and my parents could no longer take care of her. One day my dad gets this call that my grandmother was on her "death bed" and for him to come down and say his last words. They transfer her to the hospital where lo and behold the doctor looks at her and say, she isn't dying, she has been "overdosed." They had her so drugged up. I think they gave her something to counter the overdose and she woke right up and could talk and was somewhat cognitive again.

Happy Knitting today!


I was reading Ian the legend of sleepy hollow the other night (don't ask - a relic from my MIL) , and it had a "Brom" in it. Maybe that explains it - a crossed wire in Ms SS's brain. Although it sounds as though she may have more than just one;)

It must be very frustrating and annoyingto hear conflicting reportts about your mom




I think, technically, that "Bron" really is a man's name, just very seldom used & then only in Europe. It just surprised me that a person wouldn't put "Bron" & "Bronwyn" together in their head! LOL

Wendy - I'm totally not surprised to hear something like that! It's such a guessing game, really, with drugs/the elderly/death & dying. Sigh.

Nat - I love the Legend of Sleepy Hollow! I also remember "Brom." You're right - it could be just crossed wires. Or just experience too - I think this teacher is only about 24. (Ye gods - I could be her mother!!!!)

Sara - Yeah, aren't pets just the cutest sometimes?

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