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August 23, 2006



A LOT younger consists of 1-2 years now eh?

I remember when I was in high school, 40 seemed ancient-heck, when my mother was the age I am now, I was already grown and moved out.

Don't feel badly, my 42nd b'day is in September also.


The good thing is that she didn't guess any higher, right? Big congratulations on the continued weight loss!


Well, this year I turned 29 again again again again. That's getting a bit hard to say, so I think I'll adopt my dad's age of Plenty one (say it out loud... it makes more sense heard than read).

Amy Boogie

If it makes you feel any better the kids at the daycare I sometimes work at think I'm in my 40's or 50's and I'm only 32. I'd rather have them get my age right than say older :)

Congrats on the weight loss!!


my friend's kids think i'm 16. who am i to set them straight!

and what do i care if they're too young to have any concept of time.


Looking forward to the next incarnation of Nimue.

13 pounds! Wow! I'm walking 2.5 miles a day now (and watching what I eat - not a "diet" per se - but I'm not having ice cream every night either), but no weight lost. Drinking LOTS of water, but not seeing much change yet.


Deneen - Are you a Virgo? Or is your B-day at the end of the month?

Kristen - Exactly! I would've gone over kerplunk if someone had said 50!!!

Leisel - "Plenty One" - I like it!

Amy - Ouch! I feel your pain. ;)

They think you're 16, Maryse? Must be all that healthy living, eh? :)

Thanks for the weight loss congrats, everyone. :) Hang in there, Marie - all that walking is amazing! What changed the scale for me is an actual diet, though. I found I really had a bad concept of what eating less really was. For me, it has to be counting calories every day religiously. Once I got that through my head, the weight started dropping again. Working has been a big help too - I can't snack during classes! :)


Why hasn't anyone (hello, parents!!) taught these girls that it's rude to ask ANYONE his/her age? And why did you think you needed to answer them?


Pish tosh. You're as old as you feel!


Bell sleaved nimue sounds fantastic and would more than likely deserve its own name, like Bell of Nimue...ha ha...

Is that banana cream cotton-ease? If so, I have a small bit I can send it. My food scale says it is 2 ozs, but I don't trust it and I think it is more like 1 to 1.5 oz. If you want it I will put it in the mail for you tomorrow. :)

dye lot is 25696A in case it matters?


Ah, Jeanne - on the grand scale of what's considered rude these days, asking someone's age doesn't even register. I'm lucky they didn't ask me about my sex life!

Don't worry, Jillian - I don't care that I'm turning 44, I just thought it was odd they pegged my age so accurately!

Wendy - Yes, it's Banana Cream & thanks so much for the offer! But it looks like I'll have enough for the sweater without breaking into my last skein - hopefully I'll be finishing up tonight!


44 is a piece of cake. I'm a few months older than you - 44 in May. I became a grandmother for the first time 7 weeks ago, so now I enjoy the "you look too young to be a grandmother" lines. :o) It's just your perspective that counts. Not years. :o) I can't wait to see the new version of Nimue taking shape. I REALLY like the idea of bell sleeves. Good for you.


My stock answer to that question from students was always...I'm old enough to do anything I want, and I'm young enough to do anything I want. Only trouble with that answer now is that the second part is no longer true!! And congrats on the weight loss. Keep it going while you're still young enough. :)

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