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August 29, 2006



Hope you get better soon Bron! At my house the score is Bad Colds :2, Silja :0.... So you are not alone!


Argh! Too bad today isn't the day you had all those reading assignments! ;)

That ribbon yarn does look pretty in that stitch pattern, but no point in using a yarn you don't have enough of.

I hope you feel better soon!


Okay, I think I missed something....but, why are you not knitting SKB in the round?


Ewww - the big L. I know how it feels...ever since I was little right up till now whenever I get a virus it goes straight to my throat. I've found spoonfuls of honey to be the most helpful thing to soothe the pain and help that "frog in the throat" feeling. It's only you have to take more :)

You are a ninja knitter what that cardigan - and in BLACK. Whew.

And I have to comment on the lazy sub. So basically what you are saying is you did all the work in 45 minutes and he just sat there like a lump. Eek. I hope he isn't that lazy as a teacher!

Erica B.

That ribbon yarn looks divine!


I hope you feel better soon. Nothing sucks like a sore throat/laryngitis that just won't die.


Well, first off, good thing I didn't call you today, you wouldn't have been home or able to talk, ha ha.

Second, aren't you suppose to stay home when sick?

Third, guess you will be doing a lot of writing on the chalk board today.

Fourth, I am jealous you have already started SKB.

Fifth, finally, and most importantly. I hope you feel better soon and turn the score around as Bron 10.


You're right about the ribbon yarn. Too bad because it's such a pretty color.
When you described the male sub my thought was "not too bright."


Thanks, Silja! I'm thinking it'll be a few days until I can talk again. If I could rest my voice for a day or two I think it would come back. But talking all day, every day, isn't helping!

Thanks, Andrea. :) At least my throat doesn't hurt at all - it's a true "loss of voice." But you're right - what I wouldn't give for lots of reading time now! LOL

Karyn - Two reasons, both person preferences of mine. One - I dislike knitting in the round, period. I like the stability seams on the sides give my garments and I also disliked having to weave in ends when I have no seam to hide them in. Two - I hate dpns with a passion. I'd much rather knit a sleeve flat & spend 10 minutes seaming it than fiddle with dpns. order to knit the sleeves flat in a top-down raglan, you have to split everything up. :)

Jillian - the sub was kinda scary in that he just didn't seem bright enough to be in charge of kids. Seriously. I know we're desperate for subs around here, but I think I'd draw the line at there!

Thanks for the honey recommendation - I think I'll try it. ;)

Thanks, Erica - it IS divine! So soft & pretty. I hope to find the perfect pattern soon.

Thanks, Alexandra. If all else fails I have a 3 day weekend coming up when I KNOW I'll have the time to recover.

Wendy - Yep, in a perfect world, I'd stay home. But...since it ain't.... hehe Seriously, if this were a regular job of one day I'd call in another sub. But this is a 6 day, long term thing & no-one else would know what the heck I'm doing with the class. So, I'm stuck!

Thanks for the good health wishes - keep your fingers crossed for tomorrow!

Linda - Exactly. Honestly, as in "special ed" not too bright. To take 40 minutes to alphabetize 30 cards and then not even getting it done.... and his conversation wasn't too adult either. I just wonder....


Sorry to hear about the laryngitis! At least it doesn't stop you knitting. (g) The SKB sounds like a lot of fiddling to me. Not sure I want to go to that much trouble, especially if the pattern is out somewhere. BUT I will reserve my final decision until I've read further installments. :o) I'm such a whimp...letting you do it all first. (g)

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