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August 01, 2006



What a sad story about those kids. While it's terrible on so many levels, it's horrible that they never had the innocence of childhood.

Our education system gets blamed for so many things, but I think what happens to children before they walk through the school doors is the key.


I love the two shots of your boys and their opa! I'm anxiously waiting to see how your Simple Knitted Bodice turns out in CE. I only have enough Pistachio CE to make it....not sure that's the right color for it!! :)


I'll be interested in hearing about your experiences at school and your knitting.
Great pictures of the boys with their Opa. It looks like both of them have finally grown into their feet, especially Dylan.


Wow, your boys are really, really tall! Great picture!

Kids today know too much about sex. It's on tv, in movies, books, etc. I was raised in a different time, and had no idea about anything like that until... well let's just say I'm still learning. Sometimes I have to ask my husband and he doesn't know either! I remember when I was about 10 or 11, I asked my mother what a ***** was. She asked in an incredulous tone "Where did you hear that word?" I had to tell her who said it and that was the end of the conversation. She never told me the answer.

We will be gone for a week, and I'll miss your blog, but will catch up when we get back.

Have a great week everyone, and Happy Knitting!


Margaret - LOL - I know what you're talking about. Sometimes I'm surprised too. I asked my Mom about the word f***. I never got an anwer either. ;)

Have fun on your vacation!

Linda - Yes - those feet were a concern for a few years! Thankfully everyone "fits" now. :)

Karyn - I really agonized over the color for the Bodice but finally decided go-with-everything-black would have to be "it." The CE was what I had on hand so hopefully I can make it work!

Vera - Exactly. You just don't know what some poor kids have gone through during their first few years. Sometimes too much to fix for a system meant only to educate.

Carrie K

OMG, that's horrible. Yikes.

That pic is so cute! Time grows, apparently. And so. darn. fast.

The bodice is black? It looks a bit blueish on my screen.


I'm a third grade teacher and deal with these situations all of the time. So many pitiful little kids out there. You can always tell whose big meal of the day is their school lunch. I'm also "amused" by parents who get called in to school because of the language their child has used. Quite often hear that the kids "learned that on the bus" or must have "picked it up at school." Honestly, most learn the language from their own parents, or parent's boyfriend or girlfriend (s). No wonder the little ones are confused!


Wow, Bron - I have to chuckle at the span of topics you've covered in just this one post!!

Great pics of the kiddos with their Opa, though - those are really classic.


LOL, Nat - Just trying to provide something for everyone.

Susan - I totally agree with everything you've said. :) At least as a parent, I'm honest. If one of my kids were to ever get in trouble for cussing, I'll admit they heard it here at home first. ::wink::

Carrie - Yep, solid black. I'll blame the bluish tint on my digital camera taking a pic at 5:30 in the morning. hehe

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