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August 20, 2006



EEk, problems and due to the black yarn too-I knew that would be my reasoning for any problems and now that it's bothering you, you can be sure it'll thwart me.

I hope your Mom peacefully passes.


Don't worry, Deneen. I've already attracted all the black yarn/Bell Sleeve problem mojo. You should have smooth sailing. :)


Yes indeedy, black yarn is Very Difficult to work with. When I saw your picture I was amazed you would tackle such a pattern with Black yarn. You go girl! You love a challenge and do such beautiful work, and so fast! You inspire me and I wish I was as fast as you.

Chin up! Have a great day everyone!


Oh! I'm anxiously awaiting the completion of Scoop du Jour. I have the pattern, I have the yarn! Never thought of doing 2 sleeves at once!


I'm anxious for Scoop Du Jour now too! Not sure which project I'll take to work today - two balls of yarn & two sleeves are a lot to juggle in the classroom. But that's the one I want to finish the most!

Oh - the quandry...


Yikes - sleeve island. Just do a handful of inches at a time and it'll get done eventually!

Whenever I've made a project a second time, I find I'm not paying as close of attention to the pattern and make more mistakes. It's my knitting ego getting the better of me!


Very nice and lacey.

Sorry to hear about your Mom, but I know first hand how this goes.


Jillian - Thanks for that - I think you're right - I *don't* pay as close attention the second time around. Sheesh - I thought I was just being an idiot! LOL

Kelly - Thanks. :) Turns out the they got the news screwed up again so she's not probably not going in the next couple of weeks as we'd been lead to believe. Just sometime in the next few months. We all wish it was over & done. Sigh.

Sorry to hear you've had experience with this. :(


Hi Bron,

Catching up with my favourite blogs after holidays, I can only note that Nimue is absolutely and totally lovely. Please, please don't write the pattern down. The last thing I need is another item on my to-do list. ;)

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