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August 24, 2006



Love the sweater. I think you'll get a lot of wear out of this one.
LA teacher might have "sold" her prep time? Maybe I'm just dense, but what do you mean?


That looks very nice on you. I don't usually wear button up cardis either, but I like that one.


well if we're doing the retro thing right, you need to pull your arms out of the sleeves and just leave it hanging off of your shoulders.

how they do that without having the sweater fall off i'll never know.

especially when scrubbing the bathroom


Lovely! That's perfect for so many difrerent outfits. It will see alot of use!


I am a yellow junkie and love the sweater!


I think it would look fabulous with a tank top underneath and a pair of jeans. It is a nice subtle color.

By the way, you finished it fast! Were you up until 3am seaming?


Love the Scoop. I'm with you on Yellow, but this pale yellow is nice.

SHHH, but I've got two interviews next week - keep your fingers crossed.


Great job!!!


Hey Linda. :) Teachers sell their prep time & take another class during that period to make more $$. Some teachers end up with no prep during the regular school day & have to make it up after school or at home.

Thanks, Deneen. :) I have oodels of button-up cardis and have yet to button one of them. LOL

I hear ya, Maryse. If it were me, one of those sweater arms would drop straight into the toilet!

Jillian - I hope so - I'm actually kinda torn in my feelings for this one. I'll let it marinate awhile in my closet to see if I reach for it. If not, it might be recycled as a Christmas present!

Thanks Kristen & Wendy! I didn't stay up too late...but I DID sew on the buttons at 6:00 AM. hehehe

Oooooh....Marie! I'm crossing everything!!!!!!

Thanks, Vera. :) This is a pattern I'd definitely make again.


Wow you did get that done fast! I've been watching your progress. One of my favorite colors is yellow. Hence... the dining room, and living room. I know what you mean about our Mom's being decked out for cleaning. Thankfully mine was part hippy and played the Beatles while all dressed up with her little apron. LOL


I figured that's what it meant, but I had never heard of it before. The last four years I taught, I didn't have a prep time, and believe me, they didn't pay me any extra for it.


Beautiful! I really like your Scoop Du Jour. The yellow looks really pretty with black. I'm gonna try knitting two sleeves at once on my current project.


Very nice. But let me say how nice and SLIM you look!!! Well done. You are an inspiration. :o)


Kelly - How cool to have a Hippy type Mom! My Mom was from an older generation & was soooo mainstream - she even watched General Hospital at lunchtime!

Linda - It's actually unfair since, like you mentioned, some teachers don't have any prep to start with! It just depends on what they teach & how many kids need to take the class.

Karyn - I honestly wouldn't ever go back to one sleeve at a time. The two yarns do twist together, but I stop every 10 rows or so & undo them. No biggie. :)

Thanks, Terri. :) The sweater isn't good for showing off a new figure, but it'll be good as a snuggly-type garment!

Erica B.

Bron, that cardigan so pretty! I love the long ribbing on the sleeves and the bottom! Great job!


Oh my Mom watched General Hospital too. I can tell you alot about Luke and Laura, but then again we were older, and into it as well. LOL


Thanks, Erica! I'm really hoping I get lots of use out of it.

Kelly - I LOVED Luke & Laura's was quite the culmination, eh?

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