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July 25, 2006



It looks nice on. I understand what you mean about the WW. The bolero was a light WW and it's heavyish feeling (although the actual stitches are soft). Fine for over a tank when it's cooler, but not a summer top per se.

Kari Holtz

I do agree wholeheartedly.
That is one of the main reasons I took to learning to knit was it does produce a more wearable finished product.


Stacey looks great, but I know what you mean about the heaviness.

I posted today abou thow I'm often bemused at many of the "Knit vs. Crochet" debates. Like children, they have different qualities, but I love them both.


Stacy looks good (you make a lot of cool items) and I too agree with the crochet comments about about wearables. I have Cool Crochet but haven't made anything from it yet because of that.


The top looks so right with that skirt, too bad it is heavy for summer wear. I find that even knitted cottons can be too much in the humid weather.


it does not make you look like a tank.


Awww Bron, but it looks so pretty in the picture (especially with your skirt)! Maybe in the fall/winter you will like it better...

I agree with you about the knitting vs. crochet. I have found that some yarns just don't crochet well (too stiff, no drape) and I switch to the knitting needles. Knitting uses less yarn besides.

Have a great day everyone!


I've seen from you that there are several wearable crochet garments, but as you say there are limitations in the type of yarn. And I think that's true with knitting as well, certain things look better knitted vs. crocheted and I have no problem with that. I don't think that tank is the best suited for you. The color is beautiful. Perhaps you will like it more in the fall.


Good to hear all the agreement regarding crochet. Makes you wonder why people keep designing and/or crocheting stuff out of too heavy yarn, doesn't it? Sheesh.

Susana - Thanks for the compliment! I do TRY to make cool stuff, but it's hard to find neat things that are crocheted sometimes. Cool Crochet has some lighter wearables in it but you're right - quite a few are made with heavy yarn.

Kristen - Yep - humidity is the killer on ALL knitted/crocheted garments!!!

Cheryl - Ok, not a Sherman tank, perhaps...but a smaller one, definitely. ::wink::

Carrie K

It does not make you look like a tank.

Crochet uses three times the amount of yarn that knitting does (or so I've read) maybe that's why it lacks drape at a certain gauge?

Erica B.

I like it, great job!


I don't think it looks all that bad! But if it feels too heavy and you're not comfortable with how it looks, then that's all that matters in the final analysis!


I wonder if it will feel lighter when it is washed. I bet the weight isn't necessarily all from it being crocheted, but the fact that it is 100% cotton. The cotton, while I love it has no stretch, hence the chain mail effect and also is heavier than other fibers.

I hope you do find that you can get some wear time out of it because it is really pretty and does look good with that skirt.


I agree with the above comments Bron. Maybe it will look a little lighter after washing it. I think it's beautiful with that skirt and until you said it made you look like a tank..I was thinking how great it looked :) I think if you wore your new necklace with it..might do the trick..that skirt is to die for :) they're perfect for each other. Heavier things look much better when it's cooler..try it on when it starts to get chilly and I'm sure you'll change your mind about it. Great job :)


Unless felted, I do not like the look of knitted handbags, it always looks like a sweater is hanging on your hip to me. Crocheted handbags are more my style. Not that this has anything to do with your "chain mail" Stacey - I'm just saying...


Carrie - Yes, that's the reason. Crochet actually uses 1/3 more yarn than knitting and that extra bulk has to go somewhere. :)

You all had good ideas regarding washing, too. A wash & a block might stretch things out a bit & make the fabric seem lighter. Cotton is heavy, true, but at least it's able to "breath" so there's still hope for the top. :) And waiting until things cool down in Sept. is a very good plan too. :)

Marie - I totally agree. Knitting is right for some things, crochet for others. That reminds me...I've been meaning to crochet another bag....:::wink::

Plain Jane

It looks great on - what about wearing it as a cap sleeve vest in the winter over a long sleeved blouse? I've made some nice crocheted vests but I agree that for regular tops, crochet is too stiff. On the other hand, it's wonderful for making things like hand puppets & toys where you're designing as you go. Much easier than designing in knitting as you can see where you are without the stitches being bunched up on a needle.


I think that the top is really rather flattering. Maybe if you do some shoulder exercises it would help you to deal with the weight.

Kidding, of course.

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