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July 19, 2006



And here I thought I was doing well last night when my Ballet Cami measured in at 9.25" last night when I put it away.

You win!


woo, the cami and Stacy look great! I love the color of Stacy. :)

I'm a pusher too, and I've been knitting on sleeves for the main line sweater on my new KP needles -- no problems. I think I'm not pushing as hard as I used to, but I am definitely still pushing the tips. Love the needles! My addi cable kept kinking up and I swapped it out when my KP needles came -- much faster!


Aww, but the boys had a blast fishing with the guys! How fun! Does it really matter if you catch any fish? LOL

I say buy the sunglasses. Expensive, but they will last you a good long time, and you will take good care of them! Go for it.

Have a great day everyone!


Amy - LOL - It's absolutely, totally, NOT a race, though! ;) I just happened to have a lot of time to sit on my butt & knit yesterday. I have other WIPs that deserve some attention too and I'm being tempted away.

Jess - I hear ya - I can't say enough good stuff about these needles. I probably should've just bought the whole kit but, oops! Too late now! I never thought I'd like other needles well enough to sell my 2nd Denise set. It's amazing.

Margaret - OK, you are AWFUL for my pocketbook! I probably won't decide for sure until I'm there, the contacts are in my eyes & I'm trying on those bad boy sunglasses. :::Grin:::

Carrie K

But you NEED new sunglasses to go with your new contacts. Honestly, Bron.

That fishing tackle story was so cute. It's nice to have a good memory.

The pink cami is cute!

ARGH on the diet coke spill!

And "oh no!" on the knitting a size smaller (and not on purpose.) I just blithely frogged a tank because I was LOOKING AT THE WRONG PATTERN. Argh.


what you are looking for in a WIP holder is what they sell as laundry hampers here! As usual, your progress is amazing - need to send te boys fishing more often;)


Carrie - I totally need new sunglasses, but I'm going the much cheaper "five different pair for 10 bucks each" route. ::wink::

Thanks for sharing your wrong pattern story - makes me feel better! :)

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