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July 27, 2006



Gah! Where was the pattern for the long sweater (the Haight Ashbury one ;-) )?? Sandra June 2005, or somewhere else? Because I've now fallen in love with it! (Some of the other patterns are cute, too!)


Hmmm...your comments don't remember me any more. Oh well...

I like the pointed sleeve too- but that last sweater is a thing of joy. And over the right dress, it could even be almost formal - in a medeival kind of way. Sigh...


Molly - Sandra, June, 2005. :) Obviously, One Fine Yarn still has copies - good luck! (Ain't nothing wrong with Haight Ashbury, either - just not sure I'd wear it a lot!)

Robbyn - Yep - I totally agree with the Medieval take. I've loved that sweater for so long, it's about time I made it!


I've never heard of that mag, but they have some cute tops.

I have the crochet leaflet too, and have thought about that top.

Amy Boogie

I have a few Sandras and I always find something that I like. I've toyed with getting a sub but every time I do that with a mag I fall out of love with it.


I like the H/A one too, though I would prefer it a lot shorter, about hip length. That last one is just beautiful. Bron you have a knack for finding gorgeous patterns!

Smiley's increased their minimum to $40. Wow. They have great prices; it's too bad they won't accept smaller orders.

Have a great day everyone!


That's what happens to me too, Amy. I subscribe & the mag goes to hell. Sigh.

Margaret - Yes, shorter the H/A one might be more practical! Yeah - that larger minimum gave me pause, but I figure that $50 I spent will yield about 4 projects so it's $$ well spent. :)

Vera - I've only seen Sandra in my LYS and on-line, so I don't know how wide-spread the readership is.


I would like the H/A in a shorter version - those sleeves are way cool.

I've never heard of this Sandra Mag - that vest is gorgeous.

I too have had that Leisure Arts leaflet for years and have always been drawn to this sweater. Looking forward to seeing how your's turns out.


Ooh, I love the blue one best ... the sleeves are so pretty!


I love the blue one. The hippy one intrigues me and I wonder if you just shortened it if it wouldn't be too bad.

Sorry, but I hate the last one. I think the one thing about big sweaters is unless you are pencil thin it is hard to wear without it adding weight. Hopefully I am wrong about this, but it is my hunch.


I know what you mean, Wendy, about sweaters adding weight. I'm thinking that it will turn out more like this one:

I made a couple of years ago. In that pic I'm about 10 pounds heavier than I am now and I think the lacey sweater looks pretty good. In fact, it's one of my fav sweaters ever.

I'm thinking that the laciness will make this new one just as flattering to wear. Crossing my fingers!

That H/A one is the one that give me pause. I'm thinking something that long & like a sweater-coat would really pack on the pounds for me. At that length, at least. Shorter, it has possibilities!

To Jennifer too - I really LOVE that blue one! I think it'll have to also move into my top-three to make next!

Marie - I'm glad you weighed in regarding Sandra - it seems it's distribution is hit or miss!


These are all fabulous patterns. I love the zippered vest on top. Awesome.


I've seen Sandra before, at least advertised I think, but I've never knit one of their patterns. Love the zippered vest with the smocking, that is so neat. And I bet it would look great in Cotton-Ease!


Back in the 80s, Sandra was always on my list and there were several possibilities in every issue. When knitting picked up again a few years ago, the styles in Sandra seemed too youthful. Or could it be that I had, gasp, gotten older? Anyway, never had any problems with the patterns, they were well written and edited (no mistakes). Seeing your preview makes me want to check it out again. Thanks for the heads up on the CE.


Wanda & Pam - I almost wish I wasn't so smitten with Sandra. The last thing I need is another knitting mag with patterns I want to knit! ha!

And Pam - thanks for letting me know the patterns were well written. Hopefully that still holds true. :)


(I'm finally catching up on reading your blog... I didn't want to skim the posts, and you write long ones!)

I really like that green tank-like top. :)

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