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July 26, 2006



Yay! Gargoyles!


Lovely, lovely design on the knitted pillow. Your colors are perfect. The blue really adds interest.

Wow, your gargoyles look like they are made of stone. Beautiful coloring.

You are indeed a woman of many talents!

Have a great day everyone!


I adore the colors you've chosen for the pillow.

The candles turned out wonderfully.


Bron, do you know that Smiley's are selling Cotton Ease? Not all the colours ... but quite some of them.


Amy - I knew you'd appreciate him. ;)

Thanks, Margaret -the candles are really fun to do.

Deneen - We actually *need* a couch pillow so hopefully I can get this done fairly quickly. I think it's definitely a desert color scheme. :)

Agnes! Thanks!!! A wee bit of CE will be winging it's way to me shortly. (I did need more Popsicle Blue.) I appreciate the heads up. :)


Those stripes and cables rule. I must show Pat those candles.

Plain Jane

I just used a similar color scheme of tans & aqua in a scarf for our K4 project. I'll try to get a photo of it on the blog before I turn it in tomorrow. It reminded me of the South West & Navajo turquoise jewelry.


i like that pillow a lot. and your gargoyle candle -- which isn't really a gargoyle by the way but a grotesque. i know that was very cliff clayven of me.


Oh - it's for THAAAAAT pillow! That's actually the only pattern in the book I really love! It's going to be beautiful!

It makes me incredibly happy that I could help you realize this project!

Your candles are way cool. That gargoyle does indeed look carved from stone. How can you stand to burn them :)


Yes, you're right, Maryse. Strictly speaking, with no internal plumbing to direct water away from a building, my candle's a grotesque rather than a gargoyle. ;) But since "gargoyle" is more widely known than "grotesque" I'm sure Pourette wanted a name for their mold that would be recognized. I'll just call you "Cliffie" for short. hehehe

Jillian - Some candles I keep around for a loooong time before I burn them. It's actually harder for me to burn pretty, store-bought candles because I can't make more!

Jane - I really love earth shades with aqua/turqoise thrown in. I think it's a very sophisticated color scheme that's "Western" without being tacky. :)

Vera - Hope he likes 'em!


Beautiful pillow colors that remind me of beach or desert. I do believe that is the same flowing cable pattern that is in the Dylan sweater I'm knitting.


I love how the pillow design is turning out, the aqua color looks great with it. Very pretty and relaxing.


Gargoyles = cool! The pillow looks very soothing.

Carrie K

Who wouldn't want a gargoyle for Christmas? Tradition! It does look nice and stone like.

The pillow does look sand and sea-ish and knitting for the sake of knitting is fun.

Amy Boogie

Gorgeous candles. You're making want to start a new hobby (what's new). I'm sure you know this but Smiley's Yarn just put up LB cotton ease.

Bonne Marie

Love the Zen of that pillow - it is very beautiful - can't wait to see it finished...

Well Done! on those candles too - wow - those gargoyles are WILD!


Kristen - Does the Dylan pattern jog at different intervals or are the waves smooth? I don't think you can tell very well, but the pillow's waves changed direction at different times. I wish it showed up better in the actual knitting!

Wendy & Wanda - Yes, very soothing to knit & look at too!

Carrie - I suppose you could say the "fun" in my knitting is wearing the finished project...or having it come out the way I envisioned. The actual knitting tends to be something to do with my hands rather than a meditative experience! ha!

Amy - Yes, Agnes mentioned it & my mouse was smokin', I got over there so fast. ;) hehe I'm a magpie when it comes to collecting hobbies so anything I can do to enable someone else...


Thanks, Bonne Marie. :) Unlike knitting & crochet, candles really keep you in suspense. You don't know if you've succeeded until the unmolding!

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