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July 24, 2006



haha! i just bought enough mainline the other day to make a green gable (from for myself. knitpicks is evil! :)


The boys looks so Happy to have washed your car for you! Excellent! Send them over will you? I have to wash my car myself. There's little paw prints all over it every morning. Will be glad when hubby finally finishes installing the garage door and I can put my car in there.

Everything looks great! You are soooo fast!

Have a great day everyone!


So, the tips of the needles I used for Ballet Cami got a little, um, tarnished(?). Clearly it was from where I was touching them. It was dark last night when I finished, so I didn't look closely then. But I haven't seen that with Addis.


That wrap cardi by Alexandra is fabulous, so I sent her a note of encouragement too.


TARNISHED!?! Ack! Say it ain't so, Amy! I'm going to check mine & report back. Just 'cause I didn't notice, doesn't mean it didn't happen.

Margaret - The boys are remarkably even tempered about helping out...after I nag for about 3 hours! ha!

Lynne - Totally evil. That price was just impossible to pass up.

Vera - I think it's gorgeous too. She does wonderful work. :)


OK - I checked in the sunlight, with my reading glasses on, and could find no discolored/tarnished areas on the needles I used for Ballet Cami.

If yours are, Amy, hopefully it's just a manufacturing defect & they'll replace them. These are nickle plated tips the same as Addis so it shouldn't rub off. Unless the coating is thinner in some way on the Options. You never know.


Oh, my! I want to make that cardi, too. It's elegant and classic. You could easily wear it and look in style for years. Gorgeous. Thanks for the heads up.

(I don't suppose Main Line would work for it... the gauge looks smaller. *sigh* I still haven't figured out something to make with it.)


ROFLMAO. I tell the girls we had them to "wash the dishes, mow the yard, rake the leaves and shovel the snow"...I married Hubster so I'd have someone to wash AND detail my car. So glad to know other moms use the "free labor" too. ;o)


Look how happy they are! Looks like they just had one big water fight.


Leisel - Yeah, the wrap cardi looks like dk weight yarn to me.

Jill - Heck, yeah! I need to take advantage of them being home while I can. Pretty soon they're away at college & it's back to washing my own car. hehehe

Wendy - They *do* enjoy the chance to get totally soaked. They're hamming it up 'cause I told them the pic would be going on my blog today. ::Grin::

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