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July 21, 2006



That looks wonderful on you-

I don't even knit (yet) and you have me wanting the KP Options-so bad.

BTW, I frogged the Short N Sweet-no way was I going to go through all that and not have the rounds work out. Ugh, back to the drawing board.


Very pretty; the 'hint of ruffle' is the perfect touch.


Thanks, Deneen. :) I'm sorry to hear you frogged Short & Sweet but I know that's a frustrating pattern.

Thanks, Kristen - I'm not usually a ruffly gal, but that little bit I can handle. ;)


I'm impressed with the way your tank fits, and your edging is the perfect finish. Pink buttons would be nice to change the look later on, but it looks pretty darn good just the way it is.


THe cami looks wonderful, and I love the edging.


Beautiful! I am happy to hear it wasn't just me having issues with the yarn. ;o)


Gorgeous! I absolutely love it and the way it fits you is perfection! I love the color on you too. Great Job Bron!

Have a great day Everyone!


Nice! I am thinking of making this in black ... would be good for going out at night. The same here ... I don't really like knitting in the round that much!


Wonderful job Bron! It looks beautiful! The little touch of ruffle is a perfect touch. How great that you can add the gather for fit later on.

A gal in my knitting group is using Saucy for an intarsia sweater and she is NOT having a good time of it!


It looks great on Bron! Just beautiful. That's good to know about the gathering. Not sure if I'm going to do that or not. I ordered Shine Sport in Crocus and I can't wait for it to get here. I may just omit the gathering but find some other edging for the neckline. I'm not sure how you did the chain loops, was that crochet? If so, I'll probably skip that as I suck at all forms of crochet.


Awesome! I think I have to make one just like you did. :) Are the loops ch 3, skip x sts, sl st?


Great job! You're awesome, with a crochet hook as well as the knitting needles. Looks great on you, too.
Sheri in GA


Your cami is sooo cute! I really can't wait to start mine. Thanks for the tip about the KP Options join...I'm thinking about ordering some, so that is good to know.


Hey all! Thanks for the wonderful feedback - I appreciate it!

Wanda & Andrea - The edging is ch 3, sk 1 sc, sl st in next st, continue around. I slip stitched around the neckline for my base, but on the armholes I did single crochets. Either way would work and Wanda - honestly, you could do it! By the way - Crocus is going to be a lovely color for this. I can't wait to see yours. :)

Agnes - This would be great in black - the perfect little something to look classy going out. :)

Jillian - At least now I can say I've tried Saucy. I've always wondered how it would knit. Intarsia with it sounds like a nightmare! Tell her she has my sympathy.

Emily - You're welcome regarding the needles heads up. The worst thing that could happen is having the set for a few months and THEN trying a certain size. Evidently, after 30 days your return/complain option expires. I'd hate being stuck with needles that didn't work. :(

Good luck with your cami - I know you'll enjoy the pattern. :)


Great work. that tank is (like everything) on my "to do" list


Hey! That's not a gargoyle!!!

But nice toned arms and congratulations on not winning the not race. ;)

And now I'm off to go screw around with my Options needles.

Carrie K

It's cute! the touch of ruffle is a nice finish. The colors are so different in the different pix! Computers.


The Ballet cami is just beautiful! Maybe three little buttons descending from the lowest point in the scoop?

I'm tickled to hear about your contacts. I tried off and on for several years but never could get used to them. My eyes felt "naked" - unprotected. Right - back to the glasses :)

Erica B.

The fit is awesome... way to go on another great project!


Amy - I swear, the gargoyle's coming. ;)

And thanks for commenting on my arms! LOL - All reps are starting to pay off. :)

Robbyn - Great idea regarding the buttons. Just three might be just enough of an accent.

I SO know what you mean about feeling naked without glasses! I'm still at the freaked-out stage. At least I still have my glasses so I'll alway have the choice. :)

Carrie - the color is truest in the top pic - the outdoor one.

And thanks again to everyone else!


Bron, it looks very nice on you. The color is soft and the fit is flattering.

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