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July 20, 2006


Betsy S

Have you ever tried using a different sized interchangable needle tip for your pearl side? I find that my pearl side is looser, so I have to drop down one size and that evens things up nicely.



I'm currently working on my tank top made with Pakucho. I will have a bit of green left over... not a lot, but a bit. I'll let you know what's left when I'm done.


What about one of those hanging file caddies like you see at Staples? They come in a jumbo size and have a hinged lid and a handle.


I was going to make the same comment as Betsy about the purl rows. It seems to me that gauge only depends on the size of the needle in your right hand. So increase the size of that one for the purl rows and just leave it that way. I might play with this a bit when I get there, but my gauge doesn't vary that much for circular vs. flat I don't think. But I'm only at 10.5 inches....


Good idea regarding changing one needle size. I'll remember that if I ever do another project in the round. As for this one, I looked again and the difference is really not *too* bad. I could experiment, though, since everything really will even out in the wash. ;)

Andrea - Thanks! I appreciate it. :)

Linda - that's a good idea! The lid is definitely what I'm looking for, so I'll check at office supply stores too.

Amy - You know, these contacts are really slowing me down. Until I get used to them, I'm going to be going at a positively snail-ish pace. If, of course, I was racing....


I love how the ballet cami is turning out. I'm just not that in love with bottom-up in the round patterns, much more in favor of top-down raglans. I just ordered yarn for the Ballet Cami, I'm so excited.


I've got some leftover sage green Pakucho in my stash - but I don't know how much. May be just a little. But you're welcome to whatever I have!

Carrie K

Gargoyle candles! My brother would love those.

Isn't it weird how purling & knitting have such different tension? And that doing nothing but knitting could be off gauge? The wonders the two sticks & a string.


you're welcome! ;)


Wanda - You'll really enjoy the pattern - it's well-written & goes fast!


Glad it arrived safely-I was a little worried about my packaging. What I lacked in box, I made up for in tape!

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