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June 15, 2006



I'm always amazed at your ability to fix patters.

I think the mesh instead of the "boob bulls eyes" is a good idea.


It is always nice to have someone explore "where no woman or man has gone before" before you give it a go. I am with Vera, you do amaze me how you can fix the stuff. Me? I go on and on to the point of no return where only frogging helps.


I agree with the mesh. Excellent idea!

You have such determination along with skill; that's talent and you have it!

It's looking beautiful!!!

Have a great day everyone!


Why does the concept of "pattern tester" seem to be so foreign to the people (magazines and yarn companies) that are really in the best position to pay for such a thing?

Independent pattern writers often seem to do a MUCH better job than the designers/publishers that put out patterns frequently. It's just so backwards!


Oh, and I also wanted to mention... the Positano is beautiful. I can't wait to see it knitted up.


Margaret - I don't if it's determination or a death wish. Sigh.

Vera - Yeah, I'm leanin' toward mesh.

Deneen - Oh, there are still times when my denial is so strong I'm frogging more than I'm knitting/crocheting. I like to think I'm maturing in that area, but I kinda doubt it.

Leisel - You're SO right. Independent designers regularly call for pattern testers and most of them do it for free. You'd think the people who could afford to pay people, would!

Having decent, well-written patterns would go a long way toward restoring the tattered reputations of some of the knitting/crochet mags!

Carrie K

I think mesh is the way to go too, that really pooled didn't it? What are the odds? I mean, for people other than you, Bron.

At least you can rewrite it. And the grannies should look fine on the back.


Yikes and good luck! I am curious to see how this is going to turn out in the end. :)


Carrie - You crack me up. :) You're right - what are the odds the colors would zero in on the goodies like that? I'm tellin' ya - it's the Gypsy curse!

Wendy - You & I are BOTH curious to see how this turns out! ha!


Your adaptation looks better than mine. I think now, I've gotten to the "in for a penny in for a pound stage." Also, I decided that a looser fit across the chest would make the granny squares look less like targets. Why do we put ourselves through this?


Hi Carolyn! Well, the way I figure it, we're either incredibly innovative, brilliant fiber artists, or we're just masochistic crazies.

Frankly, I think YOUR method is looking the best. At least yours bears some resemblance to the actual vest! I really got pissed & took off on my own with it. I'm hoping the lace bit at the bottom will look the same, though.

I'll know sometime later today. ::wink::

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