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June 29, 2006



Your needlereview is much appreciated.Bamboo and wooden needles of all types are also a problem here in the humid East.Perhaps next year you'll visit Philly?


Thanks for the needle review. I've been considering purchasing a set of circulars and this is very, very helpful.


I enjoyed reading this. I've wanted a Denise set for quite a while but haven't bought them yet. I need to look into them again.


Which set would you recommend for a beginning knitter who could only afford one set?


Hi Linda. :) In my opinion, for a beginning knitter slick needles aren't the best. The tendency to drop stitches is greater and that can be a nightmare for a beginner who might already have issues with keeping stitches in their place! Honestly, I only prefer "slick" for stockinette & garter. I find that Addis make cabling a bit harder for me in that the last crossed stitch sometimes slips off the needle before I can catch it. Plus, slick needles tend to make me tense up a bit trying to keep everything where it should be in complicated patterns.

The Denise set you can pick up for around $44.00, give or take a few dollars. I think the options you have with the Denise makes it a great choice for a beginner. Frankly, a little "sticky" can be a very good thing when you're just starting out. :)

I know some people really dislike the thicker cables, but for me it only becomes an issue with the smaller needle sizes.

So - my 2 cents, for what it's worth. :)

Cyndy - I'd love to visit Philly someday. However, it might take us a couple of years to decompress from THIS trip! ha!


Boy, have I missed you! Thanks for the needle review, I have been waiting to hear some great things about the Options before ordering some for myself. Too bad they can't pay you a commission on every set (or needle) they sell thanks to you. ;o)


I didn't order the Option set, but have the 1 and 2 Classic Circular and I like them. Extra bonus to the sharp points. I have a Boye needlemaster set too ... which I seldom use now as you said, the cord is just too stiff.


Good review. I do wish the points had a 16" cable. I won't buy the set as they have listed since I don't use many sizes after 9. I will pick up the size 4 and 5 tips and the 47" cable.

The dpns are great. Just the right size for making socks, fast and very sharp.


I do so appreciate your Needles Review! I have some Boye circulars and those cables give me fits! They are so stiff and Round I was wondering if there was any way they could soften up or lose that round shape. They are hard to work with.

Am going to seriously consider buying some new circulars that will cooperate!


Thank you so much for the prompt and complete review! Between you and the Knitter's Review column that came out last night - I feel I am fully in the know :)

It sounds like the best of many worlds, when you want to slippery-ness of Addis with the point of Denise (my 2 main needle types). Especially when you have multiple projects, it's nice to have multiple needles. I'm in your boat, I will probably get some mid-range sizes, some extra cords, and be done with it.


Hey all! Glad you liked the review. :) I will add that the joins are really, really smooth too. Again, a lot like Addis in that respect. I'm hunting around for something to cast on for with my size 9's today - I need to continue my analysis! hehe


I love my set of Denise interchangeable needles. They fulfill my needs. They're fine. I've actually considered buying another set, like you, to be sure that I've got all of the needles that I need.
I'm not sure why I would need the Options, but wouldn't hesitate to buy some if necessary.


I really need to pick up some more circulars! I have one pair of Lang Circulars that I picked up here in Europe and thats it! Thanks for the reviews!!


So, these are worth a die-hard Addi fan trying? I got a Denise set a LYS sale, but when I realized I couldn't swatch with it and then work on Addis, I never actually used it.


Susan - Yes, I've loved my Denises too. :) But for me it's nice to have a "slick" alternative for sticky yarn. But as long as you're satisfied with what you have, there really isn't any need to try the Options line. :)

Kimberly - Definitely keep the Options line in mind when you're expanding your stash of circs. They really are worth a try - if only for their incredibly pointy tips!

Amy - If you're ever found the Addi tips too blunt, these might be just what you need. The needles themselves are just like Addis - the slickness & speed are there in spades. I knit with them for several hours yesterday so I'll have a few more impressions to share soon. :)

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