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June 18, 2006



Absolutely gorgeous and it looks GREAT on you! I like the tie under the girls.

I wholeheartedly agree with you about the pattern errors. After all, the company has their money and after that what do they care? Sometimes the mistakes are the fault of the printers, typos and typesetting; other times just poorly written. I have myself misread a pattern. So, there's a lot of error and it could be anybody's fault. I agree that when a pattern is purchased it should be correct, whether it be in a magazine or leaflet or book... and if there is a mistake the errata should be on a website.

I have some older Annie's Newsletters and some of the issues have a printed correction for a pattern 2 issues ago. So unless you have all the subsequent issues and check for corrections, how would you know the correction is there?
And if you find a mistake in a Vintage pattern booklet... there's no way to find the errata for those, though the picture can be helpful.

Oh bring back the error-free patterns!

Have a great Father's Day everyone!


Beautiful - especially the color. Lightly rainbow-y! Congrats on finishing such a good-looking piece. Berroco should be ashamed putting that pattern out there for actual consumption!


Ooh, that looks fab on you-

Now, I want to do the Berocco tank "beth", but have absolutely no faith in their patterns-not just because of Patience, but others have made items that, well, could not be worked out. Oy


Perseverence came out so pretty thanks to your modifications. I like the criss-cross lace up ties. Having just done my first test knitting recently I know how important it is. I found one glaring error and some gauge issues and was able to make corrections on the pattern for the designer. And this was only for a pillow. As she is on her own and not affiliated with a large company, the designer is invested in having the end product come out right. Berroco et. al. should have the same integrity.


Lovely, Bron!


Thanks, everyone. :) Luckily very few patterns are absolutely riddled with mistakes like this one was. I can understand typos & simple human error (transposing numbers & things like that) but you just have to wonder how some patterns ever make it to print!

Erica B.

What a cute vest to wear over tank tops! Great job!


Great job on Perseverence.

You are so resourceful when it comes to correcting patterns although in this case, you've made the pattern your own.

Carrie K

Perseverance came out great! Thanks to your talent and.....wait for it...perseverance. ;)

Oh, that the pattern is wrong terrifies me. (well, maybe not terrifies, but you get the idea) I can barely correct the mistakes that I made.


Bron, I really like it. I think you did a great with the lace detail at the bottom. I have a theory about patterns....overseas labor and bad translations? I don't know. I think you should send them an email, just because.


You and the girls wear Perseverance (not to be confused with perseveration) well. Really, it looks great!

It's kind of sad that we've come to expect the frequent mistakes in patterns. My mom just picked up knitting again after years of being away. She had mostly knit simple afghans, back then.

I loaned her a few pattern books for hats and she used one and found an error. She was so surprised and kind of amazed, as though she had beaten some weird odds (hows that for an antioxymoron?) and won a contest or something. Or that maybe my book was the only one with a mistake. With her mouth hanging open, she listened to me tell some personal tales about errors inpatterns, and how common it is. She really couldn't believe it. Now she's feeling nervous to knit from a pattern again.


Bron, your crocheting is soooo amazing! And you have THE BEST taste in patterns. Even if you do have to fix them all, at least you do a good job of it. I wouldn't have the patience\.


I don't think they'd even have to pay pattern testers... just offer the pattern free to a few people to get them to test the pattern. I'm sure they'd find takers for almost any patterns, and not finding takers would give them a clue that it wouldn't be a popular pattern anyways.


WOW! I love it. You are amazing with how fast you do this stuff, even when the pattern is all wrong. I love the laced up look. I can't even get a sock finished!
Sheri in GA


OH... and I'd wanted to tell you how nice Perserverance looks.

I hadn't been able to tell from the original picture that it had that criss-cross diamondy thing going on in the main body, and I really like it (looks like not only their pattern designers but their photographers need to be given a good flogging).

I think it looks especially nice laced up... much more fitting with the bohemian feel of the piece.


Leisel - Actually, there isn't a criss-cross diamond thing in the original vest. It's a repeating "V" pattern. After I made the first change, I went on & changed pretty much everything. ::Grin:: The directions pointed toward a criss-cross, but that's not what was pictured.

I honestly wonder if the directions are for another vest entirely!

And you're right - you wouldn't have to PAY to have people test patterns! The blogs & forums are full of people who would jump at the chance to do it.

Sheri - In this case, righteous anger fueled my speed! ha!

Mary - Thanks so much! What a sweet thing to say! I'd say I generally have ok taste in patterns but stick around - once in awhile I pick a real dud! LOL

Marcia - Your Mom & I both. Seriously - I've been hitting a really bad streak regarding pattern mistakes lately. Makes me want to go knit dishcloths for awhile. ;)

Wendy - Yes, you're probably right regarding an email. I'll see what I come up with when we get back.

Thanks Carrie, Vera & Erica - Yes, the pattern became my own after awhile, although it certainly isn't what I set out to do.


I thought of you while deciphering the lace instructions at the beach this weekend. The front part of my version is not straight, in fact it looks pretty crappy. I am thinking of unravelling the whole business from the bust down, and reworking it. ARGH! (your version is really nice though!)


Yep - looks smashing! You did a wonderful job and I especially love the lace scallops areound the bottom.

Nothing wrong with showing off the girls either :)


I love your blog, mostly because you crochet and knit. Sometimes we crocheters feel a little left out. Keep up the great work.


Thanks, Robbyn. :) It'll probably be too hot for layers in the East so I'll probably leave it at home. Hmmm...guess I'll just have to visit again in the fall or winter, eh?

Thanks, Susan - what a nice thing to say! I understand about crocheters feeling left out with all the hoopla surrounding knitting these days. :) Truth is, I really have to have at least one crochet project going at all times or I go into withdrawal. ::grin:: So I'll be keeping up a "dual blog" for the forseeable future.


that came out very well. very pretty.


Looks great! I like how you have it laced up. :)


Gorgeous Bron. You should be very proud of yourself. You've done a brilliant job under very trying conditions. :o) An understatement huh? (g)

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