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June 14, 2006



Seriously, without really stereotyping, are vacations ever easy for the moms? We have to pack, make sure everyone has everything they might possibly need for a lifetime packed in their bags, make sure it all matches, etc. I am usually exhausted before I go and then when you get home, the laundry!


You're absolutely right - in this case, stereotyping is justified. If I didn't pack it, the kids would leave without underwear!

It's a double-edged sword, though. If something is forgotten, guess who gets blamed? Sigh.

Edited to add: The very worst vacations were when the kids were little. I hated every minute. Two kids in diapers, absolutely no time away from them to relax & enjoy myself. "On duty" 24/7. I counted the hours until we were home!!!

Kari Holtz

Love the vest. Agree with Deneen on the vacation I am usually worn out by the time we leave!

Linda in Oklahoma

I wish we had had yarns like these to work with during that era. It was hard being a crocheting hippie in rural Oklahoma.


Very pretty! Love the pattern and agree with you about the chest area granny squares. Maybe you could figure out something different for right there.

It is truly a lot of work to get ready for a vacation. I agree with Deneen that the laundry at the end of a trip is horrible. Ugh.

You will have a great time and the trip will be loads and loads of fun!

Have a great day everyone!

Karen Carter

I like the vest and can't wait for you to finish it. I didn't notice the grannys on the boobs until you pointed them out :)


I love that vest :) How cool is that - shades of my childhood!

Don't wear yourself out too much - we don't want you falling asleep at lunch - Heheh...


Three words: multi-color pasties. Oh, wait. Those would need tassles, wouldn't they? :::evil chuckle::: Seriously though, I think it will be lovely. Knowing you, you'll change something about it before you are done to make it a Bron Orginal. ;o)

Vacations are a ton of work for me too. Hubster cannot travel due to his health, so it is always the girls and I alone. Nice time for just us girls but no downtime for me. Oh well. They will be too old for family vacations in the blink of an eye, better enjoy now while we can.


Thanks, Kari - I think this vest is one I'd actually wear!

I hear ya, Linda. I remember making one of those granny square vests (one big one on the front & back, then straps) circa 1972 (out of Red Heart of course!) and that was as close to "Hippie" as I could get in Kansas. ;)

Thanks, Karen - I hope most people will be like you & the grannies will just fade into the background!

Robbyn - I'm pretty sure I'll perk up again when we get to a LYS!

Jill...thanks. Now I'm seeing tassels..and sequins. Sigh. You evil thing!

Yes - you've got the right attitude. No matter the hassles for family vacations, the kids won't be around forever so the work is worth it. :)


On our last little trip to my mom's, we were packing up the car and my 15 year old son asked where his suitcase was and I said I didn't know, did you pack one? He said - you're supposed to pack it mom. Not anymore.

We're getting back from our week in Tahoe on Saturday and then all three kids (my two and their cousin) are going off to a week at Summer Camp on Sunday - so I have about 12 hours to get all the laundry done and the kids out the door again.

Love the vest. I feel like paying you to make one for me! Crocheting on the level would really put my wrist and should out of commission.


Check out - she was crocheting that vest and encountered many weirdnesses with the pattern. Not that you *follow* patterns anyway, but I figured it was worth a warning.:-)

Carrie K

Wait, there were House reruns last night? Why doesn't our stupid TV Guide ever get it right? And I loved! In Search Of..., and, not incidentally, Leonard Nimoy.

And now to the unimportant part...*grin*, that should look great in that yarn. I agree, it should disguise any part of the granny sq over the boobs that might be there (not that i noticed it either). I think that's the yarn Ann at Sheep Shots is doing her Diamond Patch Sweater out of. Pretty yarn. [must not buy yarn for self.]


Marie - Your summer sounds so exciting! Can't wait to hear how the parasailing goes!! (You can remember that thrill when you're doing the mountain of laundry, eh? hehe)

Alexandra - THANKS for the heads up. I can see this pattern is a true headache. I'm going to finish the motifs tonight & see what I can do to make sense of it.

Carrie - Leonard Nimoy - I'm still so totally crushed on Spock. Always & forever. ::wink::

It really IS pretty yarn - I've just had a devil of a time finding a pattern for it! I think this is the 5th project I've started with it. Hopefully it'll work out this time!


I do love the pattern and the yarn you chose, but as I mentioned before, I don't think any yarn will disguise those boob targets! And re: vacations, don't forget holidays. Without moms/women, there wouldn't be any.


Kristen, Kristen - Ye of little faith! Something WILL be done with those boob targets...just not sure what yet! ;)


Oh no, I have faith that if anyone can fix the b.t.'s, Bron can!

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