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June 30, 2006



woo! that looks like a fun trip. :) Last time I was in Boston it was March and cold. I do love Boston though.

What a score on the CEY yarns! I love the way Sand feels.

[psst: I ordered a couple more balls of the Knit Picks Main Line that I traded you for -- it ended up being the same dye lot! woo! ]


Post as many vacation pics as you want! I've never been to Boston, so find your travels very interesting. Not boring in the least.

That's an excellent price on the yarn you bought. Amazing self-control!!! Good for you.

Have a wonderful day everyone!

Sara The yarn. The yarn!!
Boston look beautiful.Hmm, offspring is applying to Harvard...I'll have to visit the yarn store *ahem* I mean HER a lot


Boston looks great.

A Classic Elite Outlet!!! I'm so jealous.


85 cents?!? Wow!!!


In her natural habitat? ROFL - now wouldn't THAT be wonderful! I so glad you had a good time :)


There are yarn OUTLETS????

Good yarn??

85 cents a skein??

Excuse me while I pick myself up off the floor of my office.


Looks like you had a great time!

I swear by Bodyglide to prevent blisters... it's light and not icky and pretty much totally eliminates friction - I get it at REI,and try to always keep some around, and especially when I travel.


Jess - Great score on the same dye lot yarn! I'll enjoy seeing your final product. :)
And yes - Sand feels just like snuggly terry cloth to me.

Margaret - No worries - tomorrow will be picture heavy too!

Sara - Look at it this way, she'll never have to worry about keeping you entertained when you visit. In fact, you'll be finding excuses to go on yarn excursions! hehe

Andrea - I just wish the color selection had been larger, but heck - beggars can't be choosers!

Robbyn - Yep - we'll have to do it again sometime in the next few years! hehe

Jillian - I should've posted a blog warning about the smokin' yarn deal so you'd be prepared. Hope you didn't hurt yourself falling. ;)

Shannon - I'll keep that in mind for the future. If I'd had ANY inkling that those shoes would hurt, I never would've worn them. Oh, well - live & learn!


Wasn't it fun having a first hand sampling of our capricious New England weather? You are so right about the donut stores. Here in the space of 1 mile on our little main street we have 2 Tim Hortons, 1 Dunkin Donuts, and a new DD another mile or 2 down the road. You definitely get a history fix in Boston; gives a history junkie goose bumps!
Cell phones- don't get me started!


You were within a block of where I live! Too bad you got rained on and it is very hard to find shoes comfortable enough to do all the walking that we do here in a day...I frequently get blisters and sore feet!

Carrie K

Speak for yourself! I love vacation photos. Weren't the steps at the Paul Revere house freakily tiny? I remember being amazed by them. Of course, everything around me (SF) is fairly new.


Kristen - I made the mistake of HOPING for rain and boy, I got it in spades!!!

Emily - Wow! So close & yet so far, eh? Thanks for commiserating on the blisters - I don't feel like a dumb tourist if natives get them too!

Carrie - Yep, incredibly narrow stairs (good thing I lost that weight! hehe) I really enjoyed the sense of time I got at that house. You really feel the span of years. :)

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