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May 24, 2006



Gack! That chick-lemon lady would have scared me enough that I wouldn't have opened the magazine at all! Bummer about the pattern. Why on earth would someone use store-bought lace on a hand crocheted garment? Lace is pretty easy, and it would look a lot better. Sheesh. :P


Oh, don't you just hate when that happens? Or there is a really nice photo and when you look further it's one you have to order! Why do they do that???

That top looks so delicate! I can hardly wait to see you model!

Have a great day!


I didn't bother to look through Knit.1 when I saw that awful cover.

It's bad they are marketng such dreak under the mantra of "hip and cool."

Young people, do not be fooled!!!


Knit 1 is a knitting abonination - I just hope it stops being published sooner or later.

Can't wait to see leaf Trellis!

Erica B.

I with Vera, I completely passed by it from being turned off from the cover. I may just consider this issue now!


What the hell IS that?! "Knit 1"? Is it a how-to book - if I were brand-new to knitting and saw that, I'd take up stamp collecting instead! To go back twenty+ years, "Gag me with a spoon!"


Coincidentally, I just flipped through Knit1 today at the grocery store and had the same impression as you. Vogue and so many other publications are trying so incredibly hard to make knitting 'cool and funky' with the aim of attracting younger knitters. Too bad so much of it is just laughable and a waste of yarn. I refuse to buy any book with a title such as "Hip to Knit" - (insert loud raspberry sound here.)


I agree, everyone! I don't understand what the heck Vogue is thinking with this one. :( Honestly - it just keeps getting worse! If only I hadn't seen that crocheted tunic, I would've saved myself the $$!

Carrie K

I hate when that happens. I hate it with recipes too when they say something like...take one package of frozen whatever.

Looking forward to Leaf Trellis!


Re: Leaf Trellis...Woohoo! Can't wait to see the finished item. :o)


I know what you mean. That was the only pattern that made buying the magazine redeemable and when I saw "store-bought lace" I had the same reaction as you. I mean really. It would not be that hard to crochet in that part. It's probably harder to piece all those store-bought pieces in to the handworked part. I have to stop buying this magazine and making the publisher think that we actually like the crap that they publish.


I thought the same thing, Amy! It must be very hard to get the lace to work with the crocheted pieces - especially since most people will be buying different lace than what is pictured.

The whole thing is just dumb. :(

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