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May 31, 2006



I do have repetitive stress injuries that get exacerbated while knitting or crocheting. It's actually worse for me crocheting than knitting (which is the opposite of Andrea). I periodically have to take days off of knitting/crocheting to let my wrists recover.

I'm getting your box in the mail today! It's all packaged up and I will be going to the post office at lunchtime. :)


I have the same problems with my thumb. My index finger also gets me when I do a lot of purl stitches. My wrists kill when I crochet. I probably do it too much, but I love it. haha. I try to switch up the projects because it moves the pain around. When I really need a break, I sew the projects I've got sitting around, or spin some more yarn. That really helps me.

Good luck with your pain. I wish I could have a whole stash closet, I just have boxes that hide under my bed. :-D


I'm glad to find someone who loves her Denises as much as I love mine! I hope your thumb feels better.


I know that pain quite well. It sounds like you have exactly the pain that I do and it's caused by exactly the same motion, pushing stitches off with my thumb. Mostly it happens when I work on smaller size needles so when it's too irritating I switch to really big needles for a while, a day or so, and then go back to the small ones. I do have to be careful when I use my left hand for picking up things as I never know when the grip will just give way. And forget turning pages with my left hand. Oy! Oy!


My mother has had DeQuervain's Tendonitis and had surgery twice for it (computer work)-it's pretty painful once it gets to the surgical intervention point. I have occasional swelling on the front of my hand, next to my thumb, occasionally that goes away on it's own.

That sweater you want to make with the Orangeade is stunning.


So far, I get just a little pain every now and then.

Even though Addis are my favorite, I do like my Denises. They are very nice to have.

I know one of those packages is mine. I've been thinking about another Market Sqaures Bag, and that hot pink Lobster Pot yarn will be just the ticket.


boo hiss on the tendonitis. I've never had serious pain with my hands and usually if I do, I make myself stop knitting for a day or two, even though that is more painful than not knitting to me. I hope it gets better soon.

Oh, wanted to let you know that I finished Cabaret Raglan in Cherry Red C-E. Thought you might want to take a look since you were the one that inspired me to knit it and all.


I've recently had twinges and pain in the base of my right thumb. I asked my doc (who is also an avid knitter) about it at my checkup earlier this month and she gets it too. She said it was from overuse of the joint, but not necessarily if it was tendonitis. She suggested switching projects and weights of yarn. I found it hurt me most when I was purling continental. So for a while I purled english, and knit continental. It cleared right up. I guess because I was resting that joint a bit.


I've tried a lot of methods to avoid RSI (neither my hands, nor my arms, nor my shoulders, nor my neck are very resistant...), but the best tip ever was one I found in Sally Melville's book on colour: Never do anything repetitive for more than 20 minutes at one time, then take a break of at least 5 minutes. I now crochet or knit with a timer beside me, going down to 15 minutes if working very intensely (on deadline) or with a "tough" (non-elastic) yarn. And it's magic - no more problems! (Besides, thanks to the breaks, some more things get done around the house...)


Jess - My pain is definitely more knit oriented - maybe I should just take "crochet" breaks! Your package went out today - thanks again!

Ashley & Larry - I'm sorry you hurt too, but I'm glad I'm not unique. Makes me feel a bit better. :) Switching projects is a very good idea & maybe I should try using my thumb a little less in pushing stitches & use the left needle a bit more in "hooking" thme. :)

Jen - I'm definitely a Denise girl! But as I said, I'd love Addi needles on those soft blue cords!

Deneen - Oh! How awful for your Mom. I've heard how painful Carpal Tunnel is too and all the surgeries that can be involved. This is the first I've heard of DeQuervain's. I'm really hoping my problem won't get to that point.

Regarding the sweater - I really hope I'm not going out on a limb with that orange, but I'm thinking it would be a great color/look for fall. :)

Vera - Cool! I was wondering what you were planning with the Lobster Pot. I'll enjoy seeing the final product.

Thanks for the good wishes, Wanda, and I'll pop over to your blog as soon as I finish this entry. :)

Jillian - Thanks for the input! It seems that the concensus is "switching it up" to help the pain. Gosh - that means I have to cast on even more projects, just to give my hands different things to do. Poor me, right? ::evil wink:::

Annette - Excellent advice. I do take breaks, but nothing so structured. I'll definitely try that today as I knit!


Yeah I too understand that pain. I get it in my left thumb also and my right index finger aches from the constant motion of putting the yarn around the needle. My elderly aunt had to give up knitting because her hands hurt so much. Doctors orders. I hope that never happens to me. Hope the thumb eases up on you soon.


I had a week where I was sure I had the same thing, only it was my right hand. Turns out my problem was with mouse movements; the knitting and crocheting is not the trigger. Either way, it scared me silly, but it did pass on its own.

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