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May 23, 2006



Everything looks great. The Leaf Trellis is really elegant.


Yes, elann is mean!

I did notice when they put up the Sonata print... and I'm even in love with the vest they've done up with it... and surprisingly, I like the colorway shown (wouldn't have picked it off just the ball of yarn). I like Rio and Cypress Grove and Curacao, too.

And of course, they do this when I'm needing to save my moolah for an upcoming fiber festival I'm hoping to go to, and to send with a friend when she goes to Germany to get some yarn they have over there that they don't sell to US stores. Not to mention that I usually do NOT look good in vests, anyways, and the vest pattern, being mitered squares, does not lend itself to adding any waist shaping... but I still want it. GRRR!


Oooo... I'm tempted by that "vest." Must resist! ;)

Good for Colin! Teachers like that suck. :P (There are lots of good teachers out there, but there are also a few bad apples that shouldn't be teaching.)


Whatever happened to teachers who encouraged and went the "extra mile" for their students? That teacher should be ashamed of herself. She shouldn't be a teacher if she has that kind of attitude towards any student! Shame!

Beautiful yarn! Think you should let your readers Vote for what color you should buy. LOL Southwest Sunset gets my vote. You should stay away from the Mayan Treasure because it has too much brown and remember what your hubby said about not liking you in brown. Hmmm

Have a great day!


Thanks, Vera!

Leisel - I love the look of the mitered squares vest but I know myself well enough to know I'd go insane knitting it! LOL

Margaret & Andrea - I think the answer is short & sweet: if kids need a little more help than is normal, they drop through the cracks & are gone. Luckily Colin responded really well to the atmosphere of middle school & was able to pull himself up & out of the hole elementary put him in.

Don't worry, Margaret - the yarn's more purplish than brown - I think I'm safe! (But I did order some Southwest Sunset too! hehe)


Good for plucky Colin! Go rub her face in it!

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