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April 26, 2006



Do it! Sounds perfect, and you have a very supportive hubby!


First again...I'm getting spooked.

Yes, take the job. $10 more day is at least ONE ball,hank or skein of yarn per day. If you set just that extra $10/day aside, you could afford a LOT of yarn. You'll be doing something you love to support a habit you can't kick. ;o) It's a win-win especially since the kids love the idea.


Congrats on the job offer! Sounds like you'd love it AND be great at it. What more could you want? Oh, right, not to mention the INCREASED YARN BUDGET!!!! Woohoo! Bring it, baby! :-)


i would definitely take it. sounds ideal. a full time teaching job with different kids every day who like you. but with none of the hassles.

hell i would take it. i'd give up this 40 hour a week 48 week (the beauty of non-profit is that i get 4 weeks vacation/year) for that set-up.


It sounds like a great opportunity... but as to weather or not to take it, I'd have to say you need to figure out whether money for yarn (and other stuff) is more important to you, or if time to knit & crochet is more important. What's the point of buying all the yarn in the world if you never have a chance to use it?

Of course, you are a much faster knitter/crocheter than I am, so the time trade off might be less of a worry, only you know the answer.


um... whether. Where is my brain?


Thanks for weighing in, everyone. :)

Leisel - You're right about the $$ and if it were just another $50 or so dollars a week I might say "eh." But the money is substantial - about $10,000 more for me during the school year - which would compensate nicely for less knitting time. Plus, I'd get the occasional day off (with pay) when all the subs weren't needed. Hmmm..I'd just have to knit & crochet like a fiend on weekends & during the summer!

Yeah - I think I really need to take it. These types of offers tend to come around for a reason so I should see where it takes me. :)


LOL - I hate it when I do that! I have to go back & leave a comment to clear it up too. :)


Go for it! Try it for a year and if you decide after that you don't like it then go back to what you were doing.


Sounds like a great opportunity for you and the extra $$$ is a great incentive.

That alone time thing - once you loose it, it's hard to reclaim. I'm so strung out most of the time because I don't get any alone time to recharge.

Amy Boogie

Congrats on the offer! I have no advice on whether to take it or not (I can never decide those kinds of things) Alone time? what's that? I'm sure whatever decision you make will be the right one.


Depending on your ultimate career goals, it sounds like an unusual and great opportunity! You can always go back to non-Auto after a year, right? If you really don't like it. And it will good to have on your resume!


I would definitely take it. It really sounds like the best of both worlds. I like my alone time too but it sounds like your hubby's a good one who'll make sure you get your time anyway.


Congrats! I would accept. More $$$ for yarn and patterns!


Congratulations on the offer! Awesome! I'll let you decide whether or not you want it, though. ;)


That sounds like the perfect job, right down to your kids being happy to have you there. Go for it!

Carrie K

I would definitely take it. The money would be a huge incentive and the hours and responsibilities don't sound unmanageable at all.

The No Alone time might be harder at first, but there are ways to carve it out. And you can always leave the job down the road if you really can't take it. With way more money for yarn!


Congrats! I have to say, that going to school with my kiddo for the first three months of school, and now since March have been really good - it's nice (mostly because we can walk to school!), and I think she REALLY likes having me there, and it's kept her behavior in check a bit, as she knows I'm just down the hall (not that she's bad, but you know.)
It does cut into that knitting time, but there are a good sprinkling of school holidays, and if your hubby is willing to take the kiddos away for some alone time, I'd be all over that! Good luck!


I think it's a great opportunity for you, especially since your kids are rooting for you to do it. It sounds like quite the honor that they are requesting you to do it and the school day isn't as long as a 9-5 and you get the school holidays and in-service too. I think you should definitely do it.


Oh, yeah... $10,000 is an awful lot! And, honestly... I doubt it would all end up being used on yarn... that kind of an increase in income can help in a lot of other areas, too (vacations, paying off debts... including paying of mortgages early, having an emergency fund, kids' college & wedding expenses).

So, one other question. When you think about taking the job... does it fill you with excitement? anticipation at the chance to conquer a new challenge? dread? If you feel good about it, then... yeah, I'd say you should absolutely take it.


Having been a teacher for many years, that WOULD be a dream job. Just like you said, no parents to deal with (THE MOST difficult part of a teachers job), no papers to grade, nothing to plan or bring home.

On of my pet peeves as a teacher was when people say to me - "OH, you must love all your time off, only till three , right?" WRONG - I was usually still working until around 5 or so and doing some planning on the weekends.

I think that if you like it, you should do it. GREAT job opportunity! Go Bron, GO!


Forgot to say that one a teacher finds a good sub, the weight is off their shoulders. I always would try to teach even though I was sick, since I didn't want to hassle with all the planning it took to have a sub. It was always easier to just stay there!


I hate to be the negative one, but I went from 3 days a week to full time job last May and I wish I hadn't. I miss having a day uninterrupted to catch up on laundry, clean, do errands or go back to bed for a nap, after I get my kids off to school if I'm not feeling 100%. I have gone entire days without knitting!!!! There just isn't time or energy for it after dashing home to get a meal, empty the dishwasher and start a load of laundry and of course, spend some time with my family. Our time is so short with our children and if we could afford it, I spend every extra minute I had with them rather then with the housework the "has" to be done


Not sure I could do five days a week again, but the job does sound perfect in every other way. Don't envy you the decision and sorry I can't say anything encouraging one way or another. Go with your gut. Would the benefits outweigh the negatives? If so, go for it. Congrats on getting the opportunity. There are lots who'd love to be in your place. Goodluck.


Wow! Thanks, thanks for all the input! I'm going to answer a few of your points & suggestions in my post tomorrow (lots of food for thought!) In the meantime, I really appreciate everyone taking time to comment. :)

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