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April 21, 2006



OMG, I am first. I must have done something right. ;o)

Boston sounds like an awesome vacation. Enjoy it for me too, will ya?


Um... I thought you didn't like turtlenecks? Will this one look okay when you change it?


Sounds like a fabulous trip!

Love the red, but then, I love red and think everyone should have something red in their wardrobe!


Jill - You're number one! You're number one! hehehe - couldn't resist. Don't worry - I'll enjoy it enough for everyone!

Andrea, Andrea - Where's your faith in my nearly magical pattern changing abilities??? Ok, well...maybe you're right to express a little doubt. hehe Seriously, I'm just not going to make the neck that high - I'm going to stop after the first one or two cable motifs. Plus, the yarn is really soft & will fold down in front (I think) and that should fix my "oh-my-god-I'm-choking" feeling. :::wink:::

Margaret - I'm really starting to think I need something red (or at least reddish) in the needles at all times. The color certainly energizes!

Erica B.

What a cute sweater! You talk about me, but you're always pumping out new projects! LOL Can't wait to see it finished!


Did someone say Cape Cod? Where ya going? I'm down here and would love the opportunity to meet ya! Your projects inspire me, although i haven't started my knitting sweaters yet, I love to dream and hope:) Lots of nice yarn stores down here too.


Your vacation sounds awesome! But is five days long enough? Growing up I read so many stories (and watched movies) about how Eastern families would go to the lake/sea shore for the whole summer for fun in the sun while the moms were perpetually drunk and the dads traveled up on the weekends from The City...such a different way of life.

Our vacation destination this year is Lake Tahoe; only going for five days too - but then it's only a two hour drive away.

The red is fabulous! And I knew you would most likely fiddle with the neckline. Looking forward to the result.


For a sweater that expensive, I'd want 2 extra arms and have it do my dishes for me.


Erica - I'm getting my second wind with the trip coming up. I have something to knit for now!

Trish - Too cool! We'll be :::Grin::: Old friends of Doug's live in East Dennis so we'll likely be staying there in a motel for a couple of nights.

Thanks, Marie. :) Yeah - I think I'm getting predictable regarding what kinds of changes I make to patterns.

Jillian - And it better do windows too!


I often can't resist plunging into a pattern from a new magazine issue either. But I know it's best to wait until the next issue comes out to check for errors in the previous one.


Holidays! How cool - lots of great yarn shops around there, me thinks! Catching up with Robbyn - awesome!


oh, and for $195.00 it would have to make a bitchin cup of coffee first thing in the morning ;>)

Carrie K

Boson, Salem and Cape Cod sounds like fun! I
m just afraid to drive in Boston.

Glad you're feeling a bit better!

That top is cute. $195.00? Must be very, very comfy.


Oh Bron, I would LOVE to have been able to meet you while you were here meeting Robbyn. Unfortunately, we'll be in RUSSIA then. YIPPPEE!! That's right, we're finally going to pick up our precious little boy, after more than a year of waiting and red tape and delays and bureaucracy. Have a great trip!


Kristen - I know myself well enough to know I'd never have that kind of patience. :) And sometimes that IMpatience comes back around to bit me!

Nat - Yep, we're all very excited. It's the biggest family vacation we've ever taken. Well..we did go to Disneyland but that was years ago!

Carrie - We'll basically be walking Boston, then driving OUT of the city! It's insane there, you're right. :)

Caren - That's awesome! I can't believe it's finally happening for you. :) Good luck! I'll look forward to seeing the "coming home" pics!

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