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April 24, 2006



Looks lovely, just lovely!

Friday we had a wonderful day here, sunshine & very warm. I even did some yard work. Saturday we were overcast and the temp didn't get above 50 degrees. Same Sunday except colder. This morning we have SNOW! About 5 inches and it's still snowing. Just so you know, we never ever put away our winter clothes.


Your post made me think of Dairy Queen Dilly Bars!

Now that the lace is done, the rest will fly by!


What pretty lilac! Patrick would love to be around all of that.

CeCe looks pretty good. I'll have to put in get to make some day.


Love your lavender sweater! It's very dainty looking.
I downloaded the CeCe pattern yesterday along with the cutaway. Started swatching this morning, just not sure the yarn will work, but, I'm trying.
Happy Knitting, and enjoy your day off without the bug.
Sheri in GA


Ohhhh... thanks for the heads up on the new pattern. It is really cute!

Oh, buggars... there was the perfect yarn for it up on the Destash blog, but it looks like it was snapped up this morning.


So funny... I just downloaded CeCe -- haven't even put the credit card away yet. You got anything to sell here? ; )


Lovely Lavender. I always thought that lace insert looked alittle off on Marta - I actually like your's better. When I ever get around to dragging mine out to finish, I'll have to get the specs from you.


Margaret - I suppose when you live in the wild North Country, you can expect wild weather too! Hope you're staying warm today. :) We could've used some of that snow down this way!

Jillian - Dilly bars! (Now you've made me hungry!)

The lilacs are Doug's favorite, Vera - he looks forward to them every year. :)

Sheri - I was thinking about Cutaway too - I might just have to get both. ;)

Leisel - I'm counting on having something in my stash that'll work with the pattern - I'm tempted to buy more yarn but I'm really trying to be conservative with my yarn least for a few weeks! ha!

Vicki - hehehe - Great minds, eh?

Not a prob, Marie - I'm doing things a little bassackwards on this but it's coming out just fine so I'll be happy to share. ::grin::


More like the Wild West here in Wyoming! LOL

It's still coming down.. big wet flakes!


Oh, one thing I miss about bein in MN is the Lilacs and the smell... Maybe they grow in southern CA? I'll have to check. Love the lavender sweater too.

And thanks for your note on my blog :)

Carrie K

We've got a lilac bush with lilacs but it's a bit spindly. Still.



your garden reminds me of the garden at the old house! (sniff) that lace work looks beautiful Bron


I love Lilacs! My parents had a huge bush outside my window for a few years and I loved that smell in spring!

Btw - thank you very much....I'll be singing that song for the rest of the day now!


Margaret- Hope you've shoveled out by today!

Michele - If lilacs grow here, I'm sure they would in So. Ca. too. :)

Carrie - Ours were overgrown & weren't producing very well. Doug chopped the heck out them last fall & it was the best thing we did. Loads of blooms this year. :)

Nathalie - Just wait: You'll have an even better garden at the new house. ;)

Kimberly - You're welcome! hehehe


Carie - I was going to suggest that you prune your lilac bush, and maybe fertilize it too.

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