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  • Bianca's Jacket - Knit

  • Something Red - knit

  • Two tea cozies - one knit, one crochet

  • Square Neck Tank top - knit

  • Doris Chan's Lace Cardi - crochet

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  • Fish Bath Mat

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April 28, 2006


Erica B.

Bron, it turned out so nice! Great job!


It's so cute!!


Thanks! It really is a lot cuter than I thought it would be. Before I tried it on I was seriously thinking of giving it away.

Unfortunately the pics make it look like I have two fat rolls on my back when in actuality there's only one. :::wink::: Next time I'll make sure I pull down the sweater before hubbie takes a pic!


Very cute! Makes me want to finish mine.


Bron, that looks awesome on you! Great job!

Carrie K

Marta came out good and looks so cute on you! I like the less ridged side better too.


Very pretty. It looks great on you!
Sheri in GA


Bron, that turned out great! :)


Looks great! It may not be the fit you wanted, but I think it looks lovely on you. :)


Marta looks fabulous! I love the edging.


OMG< this is my absolute favorite, the color, the, it looks fantastic on you!!!!!! GREAT job :)


Very very nice! The square neckline especially is very flattering.

Amy Boogie

Congrats on the job (I'm catching up reading).

Yet another fabulous knit - you're looking mighty thin lady and that Marta looks great on you!


I really like this one. Fab !
Great news about the job. Great boost for your self esteeem,as well as all the other good stuff.


The sweater is beautiful and is gorgeous on you!



I think it looks great, even if it's not as big as you were hoping. I love the color too! I wish I had some more sugar plum - is such a nice shade of purple! I think the lace looks great - I never would have noticed!


Wow - Thanks everyone! I really do like it - shame on me for thinking of giving it away. ;) Although I do wish the sleeves were just a smidge or two longer....

Alexandra - I'd really like to have more knits with square necklines but they are few & far between. Go design something, will you? ::grin:: I promise I'll knit it!


You look absolutely Fabulous! Fantastic job!

What's next? :)


Wow... so gorgeous on you!!! I really love that design so much!!! So FABULOUS on you!!!!


i'm so impressed with all your projects. Marta is gorgeous! i need to start a CE countdown as well. ;)


Looks fab!


I LOVE IT!!! I can see it in a short sleeved version too...hint, hint, hint.

One question the shoulders bug you? I love wider necked things (to show off my skin, of course. wink) but hate how they tend to slip off the shoulders. Do they stay put by themselves fairly well?


that is seriously cute!!! You lead the way Bron in the cute stakes. I also really appreciate your notes about guage and no of sts, as I'm still a beginner in yarn subs


Bron this looks brilliant! Congratulations - well done. :o) I'm with you about the reverse side of the lace looking better and I think you are right about it being the type of yarn you chose to knit this in. But having said that, I think your finished product is MUCH nicer than the pic on the White Lies Designs website. How clever are you hey? :o)


Whew! Thanks!!!! You all are great for my knitting ego, that's for sure!

Margaret - I'm working on CeCe right now (I just HAD to get a good start on it) but I think the next FO will be "Red" - the little ribbed, sleeveless number. :)

Jill - Good question. I haven't worn it enough to be sure, but I think there might be some slippage. The neckline is already so wide I have to wear a strapless bra underneath and I'm pretty sure the shoulder will slip off, say, when I sling my purse on my shoulder - that sort of thing. That leaves out wearing this for school! However, there's really no fixing that with this design - I think I'll have to live with adjusting the neckline every so often. :)

Oh yeah - I seriously thought about short sleeves while knitting this. Seriously. I was this * * close. hehehe

Nat - I never though I'd be 43 & called "cute." :::grin:::

Terri - Thanks so much! I'm glad you think I was clever regarding the lace - I was afraid my fellow knitters would think I was dense! I do think the yarn choice made this design a bit more wearable than what is shown on the website. I'm a wash & wear type of gal & this will do fine. :)

Lynette - With all your CE, you definitely should do a countdown! I can't be having ALL the fun! :::grin:::

Thanks Susan & Caren - I wish all my projects were so successful!

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