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March 29, 2006


Erica B.

What a pretty color. Can't wait to see your Soleil finished.


I'm personally not suffering from ennui but I think that's mostly because I've given myself an insane amount of projects to finish before my trip to Iceland in 2 weeks. I have noticed it however slowly creeping through blogland. I think it's the changing of the seasons, or the waiting for the changing of the seasons for so many people. I think your solution is the only cure.


What a shame about lining your bag! If you don't mind a suggestion, you might try cutting your fabric a bit smaller than the bag.

Poor Colin! Hope he is feeling better soon!

Think we all have those times when we get "restless" with our needlework. I agree that the weather may have something to do with it, or being female, or some mystery reason. LOL

Happy Day to everyone!


Margaret - thanks for the tip. :) Actually, the lining fit well, but the bag itself was so heavy that I really needed to sew the lining down in all areas - probably best around the bottom of the bag. Also, I attached the handles to the lining rather than the bag itself so that created some strain. All in all, not worth the trouble. :::grin::

Thanks, Erica - I'm hoping the color will look good on me.:)

Nancy - Yep - giving yourself license to throw caution to the winds can be a cure for many ills. :)


I thought it was me! I was working on my sock this morning and for some reason, after it being nearly to the toe, that I've been reading the wrong side rows from right to left, not left to right. Thought about frogging them but, heck, they look okay, just have to remember to make the second one "wrong" too. Also sick of my vest and the cable doesn't stand out as well as it does in the picture. So, does that mean I'm ready to rip and start something else? Yeah, I think I am, but, I'll finish them cause I'm tired of ripping, they just won't be done anytime soon.
Must be the weather, the pollen, something out there making us all antsy!
Sheri in GA


I guess I've contributed to the overuse of ennui, because for the first time I talked about it the other day on my blog. But there is serious ennui - at least for me I think it's partially spring fever.

Good plan to give yourself freedom to do whatever you want! When i started my simple little stockinette bag in springy green yarn my spirits were raised!


I love the bag - really funky Bron! I had decided to skip Soleil, but I'll see how yours turns out and may reconsider...


Jillian - Oops! I must've missed that post of yours. I was actually poking fun at myself for not finding a different work but honestly, "ennui" is just SO descriptive! Yes - I think new projects for awhile will be the best thing. :)

Sheri - I'm glad I'm not the only one! In this case, ennui loves company! ha!

Nat - Soleil is working up so might HAVE to reconsider. ;)


Ooh, that's a good color. I had a feeling you'd be knitting it flat, too.:-) God, I am so ready for summer knitting. Enough with the wool and snow and freezing cold already.


You & me both with the summer knitting, Alexandra! I think that's my problem - I'm sick of anything that has sleeves! ha!

And yes - this color is really pretty in this pattern. I'm really excited about finishing it. See - I said "excited" - your pattern has done it's work. :::wink:::


The purse is great. The colors work very well.

I looked a the new VK last night. I get it more for inspiration than to make projects, but there is a cute pink, cream and brown sweater I'd like to try.


Sounds like spring fever. I hate it when nothing sparks any interest or seems worth doing.

Poor Colin - I hope he's feeling better!

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