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March 05, 2006



Great belt Bron! And yes indeedy it would look fab on a broomstick / prairie skirt! Great yarn choice too. The suede adds texture and interest. Love it!


Thanks for the review and photos!


I like the hoodie, too, and there was at least one lady at knit group yesterday that was totally enamored by that pillow. Definitely a fun book, and I'll be adding it to my collection. The only question is... will I wait for my normal Zooba date, or will I have to fast track it and have it NOW (okay... now being relative, since Zooba is cheap but not speedy delivery-wise).


Oh, and I do think that belt has possibilities. The suede was a perfect choice... it looks better than the original in that regard... I think what I really like is the slightly mottled coloring and more sheen that you get from the Suede.

If I were going to make it for me, I'd probably angle the ends, so that when I wore it, it wouldn't create a straight line across my middle... if that makes any sense.


Thanks for the peek into the book, Bron. That one's on my list to check out -- and now, even more!

You know, I actually showed my butt on the blog the other day, too, and I have to say it looked a helluva lot better than I was expecting! In fact, I might almost recommend it. Huh? What do you think? (Your butt looks great, too, by the way!)

; )

erica b.

That belt is so cute. I so have to make that one!


Vicki - It certainly is a new spin on showing my "backyard", eh? And for the record, we both have cute butts - so there! ;)

Erica - Definitely! It's fast & really fun to wear. :)

Leisel - Yeah, there are bunches of ways to change the basic belt construction. I'll have to keep experimenting! But I really love the Berroco Suede for these - I'd like to branch out in pink, green or blue too. :)

By the say, Zooba looks cool - I'll have to check into it.

You're welcome, Chris. :)

Margaret - Thanks! I'll admit I was thinking of our broomstick skirt conversation while I was crocheting this yesterday. :) Not sure yet if I'll keep this or give it away - I'll have to see how it looks with my skirts! hehehe


Was my impatience showing?!Just kidding, a belt is just the thing for Suede. Do you think it is easier to crochet or knit with it?


oh, Bron, where to start? "woo-woo"? have you watched "High Anxiety" where Mel Brooks is giving a speech about p*n!s envy and because there are little kids in the audience (by accident) he has to make up words for the above and W0mb? guess what "woo woo" and "pee pee" are?

Anyway, I love your mix of woo-woo and pracaticality. And all our butts should look so good!

You truly waxed poetic about that book, I guess that's the fun of a blog, to write with flair, which you certainly do, which is why we all read you. :-)

I'd buy it just for that sand pillow. Nice!


Cyndy - See - patience is it's own reward. :::grin::: Now that I've settled on Suede = belt, I'm itching to crochet it all up! I think it's a toss-up as to whether knitting or crocheting is easier with it. The Suede has a stickiness factor that comes out when you do either one. Otherwise, I like it. I don't mind the twisting the way some do. If the stuff weren't so dang expensive, I'd buy some more for my stash! ha! So thanks again for giving me the opportunity to try it. :)

Cec - Every once in awhile I gotta wax my poetry - it gets so dull & dusty around here. :::wink:::

It's been so long since I saw "High Anxiety" that I'd forgotten all about that! And here I thought people would equate "woo-woo" with sex! hehehe


Now I have to go buy another book! I haven't seen the cable book around here though. Was that Amazon?


Thanks for the lovely shout-out :)

I looked at that book, and it is absolutely original. Not enough patterns that personally called to me to buy it, but I did LOOOOOVE that pillow!


that belt looks great. i noticed it myself, but it's not something even a thin me would wear.

but i like it on you.


Jillian - Yep, I must, MUST have that PILLOW! Ahem...excuse me - I'm in love! hehe

Thanks, Maryse - To be honest, I'll probably never wear it - I had to suck everything in too much & was turning blue before Dylan could take the pic! I'd hate to walk around like that all day. hehehe I think the ruffle kills it for me - I'm going to make another, plainer one & I think I'll like it much better. :)

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