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March 03, 2006



Ooooo! Lovely! Looks great on you! I have just had a sweater failure. :(


That fits you so well! You just keep churning these sweaters out?? What gives :)




You are one fast crocheter and knitter! Hoo Boy! I think you should keep that one. It will look good with anything!

erica b.

Bron, that is beautiful. Fantastic job.


Anna - I'm SO sorry to read about your sweater failure (been there, done that many times!) but I really like your trading idea! Unloved finished projects going somewhere they're appreciated certainly appeals to me!

Jillian - I've got to stop with the sweaters, already! I AM branching out into vests, but sheesh - I gotta do some scarves/shawls/hats - something different for awhile. Sigh - just call me the "Queen of the Cardis" eh? hehehe

Thanks Andrea - I think it's perfect for spring. :)

Mary-Kay - Yeah, it's probably a keeper...considering I'm wearing it as I type this! ha! I'll just have to figure out something else for the gift pile.

Erica - Thanks! By the way, I got my "Somewhat Cowl" back on the needles yesterday - you've been a total inspiration to me!


I love it!!!!


How pretty, and I like the edging--very cute.


wow, I have had that pattern earmarked since forever! nice to see it works up well, hm, I haven't crocheted for a while either and my knitting learning curve is getting painful, hm . . . .


So pretty, Bron. Great job!


I LOVE LOVE LOVE this cardi! I have yet to make a sweater that fits me well and comfortable. You do such beautiful work. Definitely keep this one for yourself!!!


Very pretty! It definately is a keeper. :)


Thanks Rachel, Vera & Marie! The white really came out better than I thought it would - whew!

Cec - Great minds think alike, eh?

Thanks, Trish & Wendy - Yeah, it's a keeper I'm thinkin'. I wore it all day today & was really comfortable, so that sold me. :::Grin::


Absolutely perfect on you! I am definitely going to have to find that magazine online and make that sweater!


Very Very cute.


you know, Bron, I'm thinking that white really suits you and your skin tones. Looks so bright and fresh! Another great job done!


Yet another temptation to learn to crochet courtesy of Bron's Blog.


Margaret - I hope you have an easy time finding it! I know you'll love the sweater. :)

Thanks Tess & Nat - Yep - white seems to be ok on me - who would've thunk it? :::grin::

Kristen - it's all part of my evil plot to convert knitters to the crochet dark-side. :::wink::: After all, knowing another craft HAS to be a good thing, right???

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