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February 02, 2006



Your vest is absolutely gorgeous! Great Job! And it looks Fabulous on you too!


Just lovely, Bron - I've always loved that vest. And nice job on the crochet fix - I'm going to have to remember that trick!


Your vest came out great!


I love the vest!

I would have spread the buttons out over the whole straight part, but that's me.

Great job with the fix!


Just lovely! And great fix.

I'll have to go back and read, but didn't you bead a necklace recently to go with this ensemble?


Beautiful, and looks great on you. It's amazing the amount of difference in ease that the crocheted bind off gave you.


Thanks, everyone!

Andrea - I followed the pattern regarding the buttons - they were at the middle so the two points could be free at the bottom. :) It's just not too obvious in this pic.

Marie - Yep - I had a necklace all set to go...until Dylan touched it & it mysteriously "fell apart." That's not so bad, but he didn't even pick up the beads! I found them several hours later under my craft table. Who knows - I might not have gotten the ends quite secure so I won't blame him. But I do need to get off my duff & re-string!


Gorgeous vest. After you wear it a day or two, let us know if it gets the heavy cotton sag or stretch.


Your vest looks really good. Thanks for sharing.


Awesome job on the vest. great fixes with the crochet hook too. I'm going to try some crochet bind-offs too.


Kim - I will, although I doubt with this yarn there'll be much stretch. It's very thin & lightweight. :)

Thanks, Chery & Vera - I'm glad it's finished & I can be on to other things!

Amy Boogie

Great FO and a wonderful fix

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