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February 06, 2006



Ugh... I hadn't heard any of that stuff. Worrying about "in" groups seems so junior high to me. I'm probably not in the "in groups," and I don't care. Sheesh. Blog what you want, I say... I *enjoy* seeing the yarn and goodie porn!


Wow... I didn't even know it was a controversy. What a silly controversy at that!

Sure, I've been jealous on occassion when I've seen neat things other bloggers have been given... or even nice yarn they've been able to get at bargain sale prices at the big stores... we never have such deals around here.

BUT... I'd never begrudge them getting those things, or think it rude to post them. What an incredibly small and petty attitude!

I also figure that those who receive things probably are often sending things... participating in those SP things, or managing in some other way to make a connection with others. If I don't participate, then it's certainly not anyone else's fault that I'm not getting gifties, and why should others be punished by not being able to share their excitement because of that?


Very good post and I agree. I have received a couple of gifts and did not post about 'so and so gave me this'... that's tacky, I think. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


I like the bit about the niche and posse!

; )


Very well said! Ahem.


Wow! Great post Bron! Personally, I love to see what you've bought, and what you are working on, and things people have sent you.

Have a great day!

barb in texas

well, i don't blog, but i always have an opinion about *everything* (be glad i don't blog)- i think seeing a gift acknowledged and appreciated is sort of like actually seeing aunt lizzy using and enjoying the toe cozy you made her for christmas- the senders and recipients are often widely separated geographically and pics are often the only way to say a bit more than 'thanks'- i, for one, love to have peeks into the goodie boxes-

knit and be happy-


I'm with you, Andrea - bring it on! If I belonged to a "real life" knitting group, I'd be ooohing & aaaahing over stuff when we'd meet. I really don't see a difference.

Leisel - you really hit it - "small & petty." Once again, all you have to do is move on or, at most, unsub from a blog you feel is too "braggy." After all, bitching about it isn't going to make you more popular!

Thanks, Chery. :) I'll post about gifts when I feel it's appropriate - after all what's "appropriate" is all in the eye of the beholder, isn't it?

Vicki - I hang out with my middle school kids way too much. hehehe It's "pimp to have a posse" dontcha know!

Thanks Joan, Margaret & Barb - Don't worry, I'll keep posting pics. :) I agree with you, Barb - I feel that it's an extra "thanks" that is much appreciated by the sender.


I agree with Barb, too... in fact, that's the main reason I DO post about gifts I get, to show the sender how much I appreciated them.


Ok, ok - sheesh - I'll post some knitting content...(hehe).

Anyway, I like to rejoice in other people's good fortune - I can't understand how some people get so jealous - grow up!


i was discussing this issue with some local knitting bloggers when we got together this weekend. and i have to agree with you. these folks who feel left out and are jealous need to put junior high behind them, and act like adults. this community of bloggers is a very generous one. i've made some wonderful friends. i don't get lots of gifts, i wasn't invited to participate in the better pals, but that's fine. however, if i do receive a gift, i will continue to post about them (when i send a gift i love to see it in their posts). the people who are whining about this are the ones with the issues.


hehe, Marie. Don't worry, girl, you're fine. In fact, you're in my "niche" - can't you tell???

Maryse - Seriously, definite issues. If they can get worked up over blog gifts, then I'd hate to see that person in the workplace! Whew!


Well, I couldn't agree more, especially the PTA dig. Seeing stash(and its enhancement)has often inspired me to take another look at a pattern or yarn. I was surprised to hear that Emma received that sort of feedback. Naive Cyndy, again.


I love seeing other people's yarn purchases. There is only one exception to that and that is if I know the person is financially having problems and they continue to buy yarn, but can't afford a jacket for their child.

I do "brag", I mean blog about gifts and secret pal stuff on my blog because I think if someone sends something to you and you don't shout out on your blog then the gifter might feel like you don't like it as much. That is just what I think.

I don't know in the end I juggle between blogging for myself (as I do write about personal stuff on my blog) and blogging for my craft. I risk that if someone gets sick of seeing something about me on my blog I will lose them as a reader.

However, if they posted that it is inappropriate for me to show something on my blog...well, phooey (where are those knitting blog police, anyways?)


Very well said!! Especially relevant is the discussion that there are fluid sub-groups. Thank you for being part of my posse.

Here's to normalcy *wink*


So very well put,as ever.
If people don't like what I put on my vlog it's tough for them,and that's the way it should be. I write about some people's odd responses in a somewhat bemused way. People never cease to surprise.
Package posted on friday ! Ha,ha,ha !


Hehehe, Cyndy - I've always been hampered in my school dealings 'cause I don't fit in with the SUV/Intel-working-hubbie/Twinset & Pearls types. Sigh. People bitching about knitblogs haven't what a few women can do to a teacher breakfast! (You know - those women cry on cue - I swear!)

Wendy - you're right, it IS a juggling act. How much homelife is too much to share? What will be boring? What will be well-received? It's a crap-shoot & we all can just do the best we can.

Jillian - Thanks for being part of my posse too. ;)

Emma - Your package should be there any day now...Bwhahahaha!!! I'll be featuring yours front & center on my blog when it comes in - guaranteed! hehehe


jealousy and generosity - some people want to tear down other people's buildings and are envious of others; and some want to build their own and are happy for other people - if someone doesn't like a blog's contents, well, they're just a click away, aren't they?


I totally agree with you about this post! I blog to keep a journal of my knitting projects and to see what others are doing, not to be fawned over or to be popular.


I like your wisdom, Bron! :)
Shall we blog on?


with out bloggers showing their yarns and providing comments on them, I would not have known what was available or where to start. But bloggers have given me so much information and knowledge about yarns of the day etc


You bet I'm on pins and needles!!!!

I just made my gauge swatch or the Romantic Cardi and I'm ready to go for the Olympics this weekend.

One of the things I love having a blog is that I meet so many people of different backgrounds that I wouldn't normally meet. I'm not only speaking of physical distance but of race, faith, economics, sexual orientation, etc.

It's so cool that our love of needles and yarn bring us together.

I guess I'm in little zone because, until the other day, I had no idea there was some controversy going on.

I love to show of my stuff, work through issues, share with others, and on occasion, throw out a rant or two.

What others put on their blogs is their business and I can choose to frequent their blogs or not.

I like my place it the blog world. My blog is pretty much what I want it to be, and I've met some wonderful people.


I absolutely love your post on this subject! I "brag", I mean blog, what I want, when I want. I have been on the receiving end of some of those who decided what blog ettiquete was and took exception to how I handled comments on my blog. My response, it's my blog and I will handle it how I want. To take exception to what someone posts on their blog is just snarky. Post your thank yous and show your presents and say what you want. Why have a blog if you are working with someone else's idea of how you should handle it?


Exactly, Cec - just click on by. I think complaining about it is just another way to get attention. Sigh.

Thanks Jillz & Sandy - Yes, we blog on!

Nat - Yes! I'd hate to stop seeing cool stuff on other people's blogs. Without a knitting group of my own, my virtual one has become very important to me!

Vera - Ditto what you said. :::Grin::

Thanks, Chris! And yes - your blog is an extention of "you" so why bow down to another's view of how "you" should be? Seems pretty silly to me...all for a little fleeting "popularity."


I'm really with you here...I've been lucky enough to make real-life friends out of some people who I "met" through knitblogging. What I've noticed about the entire group though, is that the more we all spend time together, the less we blog about it. Originally, I think we were all like "Oh - we hung out, that's blog fodder!" but as our relationships have deepened, the have become more offline.
But really - once we put ourselves out there on our blogs, we can't control what people will think of us and if a person isn't okay with that, well, maybe blogging isn't the right medium for them. Me? Well, I blog whatever comes out of my head, and let me tell you, sometimes that is some scary shit. If someone decides they don't like me because of it, well, that's fine - no harm, no foul. Real life works that way, too...

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