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February 24, 2006



Yummy yarn p0rn. I love earthy tones like that - very pretty!!

Better start sorting the stash for the big move now!


When I was at Stitches West I spent a lot of time looking at ribbon yarn to try to find a cheaper alternative to the Colinette, way to pricey for my blood. Of course, I never did find what I was looking for. There was a lot of ribbon yarn there, just mostly nylon and I wanted a cotton blend so it will breath.

I like the Elann, but I too...have the pink and green in my head. The colors are like a beautiful garden, huh? I look forward to "watching" you knit it, hopefully I will be courageous enough to try to adjust it to my size so I can make one before the summer.

I hope you have a nice weekend.


Buttons is such a, well, Dick. I watched a bit of the couples events early on. By the time it was over, if I heard Buttons complain one more time about how today's skaters don't use the proper form in the "sit" I was going to, well,bust a button.

Well, cool beans on the house deal. The short notice will help keep you focused. It will be more humane.

For some fun weirdness, I kinda had a "feeling" you were going to me moving quicker than you originally said.


Oh, I think that yarn will work quite nicely for the top!

Hopefully you have some moments to relax this weekend. :)


I love Dick Button and his asinine comments - figure skating won't be the same if/when he retires. I've found he's gotten more critical/grumpy as he's gotten older. Graeme and I just look at each other and roll our eyes.


Love the color. I can't wait to see how it turns out. I wasn't big on the yarn colors in the pattern picture, but knew a solid would be pretty.


You bet, Jillian - sorting stash for the move is the best part of the move - I get to fondle everything again. :::Grin:::

Marcia - Cool weirdness, I kinda had that same feeling but I was whistling in the dark & ignoring it. ;) Yeah - too much complaining from Buttons, not enough constructive criticism, definitely.

Wendy - I'm actually going to do a big swatch with this to make sure it has the right drape for the project. The last thing I need is a ribbon yarn that sticks in one place & looks funky. This pattern needs some flow! So I'll keep you posted.

Thanks, Chris. :) Dinner last night was fine - now I just have to get through 7 hours of competition. I can't wait for Sunday!

Marie - I agree regarding Buttons adding color to the Olympics, but I've been watching for over 35 years and have never seen Buttons be so petty & small. It's really been a downer for me - beyond cute & curmudgeony to American Idol mean. Even Doug's commented on it & he really doesn't pay attention to the commentators on any of the sports. So I know Buttons must be worse this year. Eh - it's just one more reason for me not to watch. The Games have really been "blech" this year.

Thanks, Jenn - I think it'll be a great color for spring & summer - I'm really crossing my fingers that the yarn works.


i used to LOVE the olympics. love them. i'd watch every moment. but i barely watched any this time around. some of the athletes especially the americans just bugged me. the olympics were special when the participants didn't have a bazillion endorsements, and really were making sacrifices. the stories that touched me the most (because that's really what it's about -- the stories) are the ones about the athletes who really gave everything up to be there. like the turkish skater who's parents left a comfortable life in turkey to give their daughter a chance at the olympic dream.

anway, as for dick. i think he's just feeling bad that even at his best, 15 year old girls could beat his ass.

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