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February 21, 2006



Oh, the google hits are going to be hysterical!


I think this looks better than you seem to think it looks.

I'd bet, though, that it would look even better over a lighter colored shirt (for more contrast, so the pattern shows better) with sleeves (so the amount of contrast is consistent). That sleeves thing might also cut down on the stripper-schoolmarm feeling you say you get from it (although I still can't see you wearing it to teach in... a little thing about your shoulders would be a little to futzy to deal with during the day, especially if you write on the board).


LOL - I can't wait to see, Chris!

Leisel - You're right - I just don't like capelets, period. I think all of them are futzy & too frou-frou. Especially on bigger girls like myself. (Although longer ones I might consider - I still kinda like that black one I made my Bio-Mom.) And I honestly don't go anywhere that this would be appropriate. It would definitely be in the way when I'm actually teaching...and the comments I'd get from the class wouldn't be worth the trouble either! ha!

I'm sure it would look better over white or light blue & I did look this morning, but I think my one white shirt is in the wash so I went with my standard black. :)

And finally - Yes, this probably DOES look better than I think it does & I'm just too biased to realize it.

What an amazing amoung of angst over one little capelet!!! hehehehe


Hehe...I love your sense of hunor!! party rates available - heee.

It is pretty for it's own sake, like you said it can be a gift if you really don't like it on you or you can use it for a bit of added warmth around the house.


Definitely, Jillan. "pretty for it's own sake" - I like that. :) Who knows - someday the perfect wearing occasion may present itself & I'll be ready. :)


It's beautiful! I very rarely really like stuff once I finish it - I think I should so I do, but in a lot of cases, I'm so glad to be done with whatever it was I could care less how it looked. Luckily that feeling only lasts for a day or two, then it's love love love.


Hmm...maybe over a pale blue-flowered white summer dress?

Or, well, the gift shelf. I think I agree- it's a lovely piece of crochet, but I'm iffy on caplets myself. But just think, it's no knitted tube top!


I've been wanting to make that for a while. It's cute, and it would look neat just to throw over a sundress. I think I'd look great in black.


Thanks, Julie! I still think I would've liked it much better in black. Then again, I think everything looks better in black. ;)

Abby...knitted tube tops...shudder.....

Vera - Yes, I think it'd look great with a sundress. :)


I am agreeing with the whole sun dress things.....or made in a shimmery black for that midsummer night out on the town.....but I am not a capelet (or shrug for that matter) kinda gal so I think onto the gift shelf is a fitting you just need to decide who to gift it to!!


Your Shoulder Doily turned out lovely. I'm sure some lucky recipient will enjoy it. I've done the same thing, many times. Make something, put it on, and realize I'd never wear it in a million years :)

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