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November 30, 2005



Oh, I got the poop brown color yarn too. Can't decide what to make that would justify the horrible color....any ideas?


*weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth* Oh, the horror of all those poor dead muppets! And to add insult to injury, they're saying that their lives were worth nothing. The injustice is threatening to overwhelm me.


As for some thing to make with it, I don't know if there's enough in your ball or if the yarn is too sparkly, but one cute pattern out there that uses muppet fur... I mean, eyelash yarn... is Vegan Fox in an early issue of knitty. (I tried to post a link, but was told no html was allowed in the comments).


Hey Leisel - what a great idea! I think I'd have enough in that ball for the over coat & I can dig out something furry from my stash for the undercoat & something plain for the face. :)

Jenn - I was thinking of using the brown as a trim, but now I think I'll have to make Vegan Fox. :) Especiallyl since it will use up yarn I have in my stash too.


i love that little gingerbread house -- and i'm so sad you don't have the pattern anymore


I have not one, not two, but three balls of that lovely brown pooh...I mean yarn to play sister and mother both donated theirs to lucky am I....not! *grin*

Whooo! So glad that you were able to reconstruct the house....I was laying in bed sleepless at night wondering what those poor little Lilliputians would do without a home for the holidays! Great job fixing it up!!


Make a hedgehog!

At least that's what somebody did with her brown Disco!


Glad to see the surgury was successful and the gingerbread survived. And you are right, that color is fugly!


Maryse - I'm sad about it too. Weird story - and I've never seen another pattern booklet like it!

Kimberly - I'm so glad you can finally sleep at night. ;) Regarding the yarn - I've heard some people are collecting up to 20 skeins! Wow - that's a lot of dead muppets!

Rachel - THANKS for the link! I just decided this was too sparkly for a Vegan Fox & now you've given me a great idea. :) Cool!

Mia - I figured I'd better fix that house before Xmas was over. Talk about procrastination!


What a cute house! That is a lot of work!

I ordered a skein, too. Now I hope I get it soon, I *like* the brown, looks coppery to me! :-)

The 'hogs are too cute, must do.

P.S. We got 7 inches of snow last night! Whee!


I was thinking you could add sparkly cuffs and collar to your FIL's sweater - Uh, maybe not.

Glad the gingerbread house survived the extreme makeover. I can really appreciate all the work that went into it.


How about a "Not Your Mother's Beaver?" hood thing?


Great job on the reconstruct! I got Mr. Brown yesterday, too.

ps...I have that pattern, if you ever feel like crocheting gumdrops again. ;)


The gingerbread house looks good enough to eat! Re: the Disco yarn- maybe they are giving it away because nobody would actually BUY it? (Sorry!)


Cec - the brown really isn't bad - it isn't "poop" brown like many say - but it's hard to figure out something to do with just one skein. :) Of course, now that I've seen the Hedgehog, my choice has been made! hehehe

Thanks, Marie. :) Even though the house is a little kitschy, it's a family tradition so I really needed to save it if I could. Besides, you're right - it was a LOT of work! :::grin:::

Wendy! I might've known someone out there would have this pattern. :) Good to know!

Kristin - You bet! I'm thinking for two reasons - the "fou-fou" yarn craze is finally dying out & the fact that there really are very limited patterns you can make with it. :) Although it makes me wonder how much $$ the company lost in giving out so much free yarn!


Super cute house Bron! Too bad you don't have the pattern anymore; that's right up my alley! :) Thanks for the link for the yarn! I am totally gonna make other ppl fill it out for me too, hee!


I ordered my free ball about 2 months ago and haven't seen it yet. WHAAAAAAA!


how bout a little teddybear for a charity for Xmas?


I got that same brown Disco yarn. I don't know what I'll do with mine either.

You have a nice blog, wonderfull things!


You have a nice blog, wonderfull things!


You have a nice blog, wonderfull things!


You have a nice blog, wonderfull things!

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