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November 29, 2005



Just remember that they live in an alternate univerise - Their Own!!! When in the last few years have they haad more than 1 or 2 decent designs in an issue?


I agree with you! I'm in Wyoming and lots of people wear jeans and cowboy / cowgirl shirts and their boots; men wear the cowboy hats. This is Cowboy / Cowgirl country!

Real Country Western life is nothing lik what you see on tv. People take things slow. No galloping across the prairie with your horse! There are lots of rocks and holes and you wouldn't want your horse to step in one and break a leg (trained horses are expensive)!

I've learned a lot since being married to a cowboy! Did you know that when you need to ride your horse, you have to catch him first? (It's not like that in the movies!) When I asked my husband why, he said "they don't want to work!" LOL!!

Have a great day everyone!

Lisa in Oregon

Ugh. The majority of it struck me as totally horrid. Completely horrid.

Durned disappointing, tho Mia is right, they haven't had much I've liked anyway. :(


I agree about the gloves... they were the first thing I saw, and my first thought was "Oh, those are pretty"

The Houndstooth jacket is also pretty nice, and I don't mind a few of the other sweaters.

I think I might have to get it for the glove pattern, though... I really like that.


P.S. Diamonds? LOL Surely not around here! At least, I've not seen any... maybe the people wearing them are truly discreet! hehe


I'm so very glad I didn't renew my subscription. Far from cheap,here in the U.K.,it was a waste of money. I long for the old days when Knitters first started. Sigh. ;-]


Mia & Lisa - You're right - I keep having expectations for Knitter's & continued to be disappointed. They really haven't done much in the last couple of years!

LOL, Margaret - remember, I said the "really rich" wear diamonds with their T-shirts. ;)

Emma - Unfortunately, I'm feeling that way about most knitting mags - so many are so uneven. Good stuff one time, bad stuff the next. It's frustrating!

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