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November 20, 2005



Your vest looks wonderful on you! I've had the vest book a while too and though I love them all haven't made a thing, yet.


Oh my! I love your folkvest! If I ever were to knit one for my self it hade to be this one! What is the name of the book the pattern is from?


Your vest turned out beautifully! I just finished the red Chinese vest from that book. Very well-written pattern. There are at least 5 more vests I want to knit. Now that I've seen yours, I think the Many Buttoned will be next.


I love "Folk Vests" too and your vest is inspiring - looks splendid on you too. I did like all the buttons on the one in the book, though.

I really have to get that book! I don't know how many times I've had it out of the library now :)


sorry, I wrote the name of the book in my previous post...what I ment was the ISBN number of the book. Have to se if I can get hold of it here in Norway.


Kristen - I know what you mean - I have several books like that & I really need to make it a New Year's resolution that I'll make something from each pattern book I have!

That should take me into the new millenium. ;)

Silja - the IBSN # is 1-931499-14-4. :)

Sonja - I've been eyeing the Chinese Vest also - so many good ones in that book! Many-Buttoned is really a whiz to make - easy pattern & quick to knit. :)

Robbyn - Perhaps if I had an extensive collection of antique buttons it might've been something I'd do, but as it is, I just couldn't see using new ones. Too busy for me. :)


Oh, I love that terracotta colored vest... it looks great (and it looks especially great on you... congrats for losing enough to fit into it, and not frogging it at the time when it didn't).

Ya know... I'm beginning to think a KNITTED vest might not be so bad for me. Maybe my other vest problems were because they were regular fabric that 1) had no stretch to them, and 2) had no waist shaping.


Hey Bron;

If you're taking votes, I vote for the clock vest. I made this vest over a year ago and it was a fun knit. I want to make the bookworm vest, but need to find the right yarn....



that vest looks like a perfect fit! Congrats! I have a couple of vests in my pile of "to-do's" (some day)


hehehe, Leisel - you know my frogging habits too well. I think it was the I-cord edging that stopped me - I spent too long on that just to turn around & rip it! And I think you're right - a knit vest, even without waist shaping, will look better than a fabric one. It's all in the drape & most fabrics don't. :)

Theresa - I'm definitely starting with Clock - I just love the back & can't wait to get started. :)

Nat - Join my "2006 - The Year of the Vested Interest" crusade! All vests welcome. :::grin:::


TY Bron!


I am sure that Colin is not minding having to really shower. For some reason, boys like being dirty. And the vests are pretty cool.


Great vests. I like all of them, and love the one you are modeling as well as the Clock vest.

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