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October 21, 2005



Absolutely beautiful. The clasps are perfect for it. Agree with you about lacy pockets, LOL, what's the point--things will fall out! If you don't like the hood, you should take it off the sweater. I don't like hoods either. Frog & make a matching hat! Would look very cute with the sweater! So Chic!

Have a great day! I'm anxious to find out how your knitting class went!


Beautiful!! I was hesitant to make that myself due to the zipper, but...since you have broken out of the box with the clasps, I may try!!
Cant' wait for the model shots.


Bron, that turned out lovely. Love the claspy thingys.


Very nice - and the clasps were a GREAT choice!

If you teach your group to enjoy themselves first, the knitting should come easily :)


Just lovely. I see the hood as more of an architectural accent to add interest to the design, not that you would ever wear the thing. The Clasps! Great choice!


Very pretty - I didn't really like this when I saw it in the magazine, but after seeing yours I think I am going to have to go back and take a second look.


That is really cute! Love the clasps instead of the zipper. I hate it when magazines don't give a clear picture of what you might end up with. Nice surprise for you. Can't wait for the 'conehead' shot.


It is gorgeous! I love the clasp type buttons.


It looks great! I love the claps too. One of the reasons I didn't try it was because the magazine didn't give a good photo.


Thanks, everyone! Sorry I wasn't around to reply to all of the comments individually as usual, but my Oct. 22 entry should explain why!

Marie - yes - exactly. I'm going to have the hood down my back, not around my face! I think it looks good on the jacket, just not up around my head! hehehe

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