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October 23, 2005



I like the weekend wonder, but have to agree on the hood. The buttons on the sweater look a lot nicer than a zipper would.

I hope your youngest has a pain-free and fast recovery from his broken wrist.

And Happy (belated) Birthday to your other son!

BTW...I picked up 14 balls of Cotton Ease on clearance at Hobby Lobby for $2.55 each. I didn't understand the big deal about it until I fondled it for myself. I grabbed all of them and then walked up to the front of the store and got a cart, because SOMEONE just MIGHT take them all in the interim.


LOL... that hood is about twice as big as you need it to be.

When you showed the clasps yesterday, I thought 3 was an odd choice, but seeing the sweater on, 3 is absolutely perfect, and the placement is just right, too.


Hmmm... perhaps the hood is large in case you need to carry your baby on your back? (Your birthday boy is quite tall, after all! ;) )


Weekend Wonder looks great. I want to make one. It will be a nice sweater for Charleston, but I will watch how large the hood turns out.


I read often, but have never posted. After seeing the picture of you holding up your hood, i laughed out loud. I just HAD to post to tell you. :) It looks totally fine flat down against your back, but standing up it was too funny. Thanks for the laugh.


Wow, that jacket is so pretty and my what a big hood you have. That last photo of you channeling a conehead is hystarical! HA!
Welcome to the land of tall boys. I am the shorty in my clan at 5'7".


Pam - You've officially caught Cotton Ease fever. Carrying the yarn up to the front for a cart is exactly what I would've done too! ;)

Thanks, Leisel - I'm happy that the clasps turned out to be the right choice. Yeah - that hood is something. See - when I follow instruction to the letter, things never turn out right. ha!

Andrea - A baby-on-board hood. I like it! You know - for a 70 pound baby. hehehe

Vera - just remember - the lace stretches very, very easily!

Suzanne - Thanks for posting! Glad you enjoyed the show. hehehe Oh - and my middle name is Suzanne, except it's spelled Susann. :)
Dawn - We've figured Dylan should reach at least 6' 4", but my Bio-Dad was 6' 5" so it's anyone's guess where Dylan will stop. :)


Hi Bron, maybe that hood is supposed to drape like a snood? and, sorry if you've already told us, but what pattern are you using for your pretty diamond ribbed sweater?

FWIW, my boys are 6'1" and 6'2". :-)


It looks good on you! You're right, the hood on, looks monstrously huge! It looks find on the back though.


What a good looking group :)

Happy Birthday to Dylan. He's about as tall as my daughters...and that's TALL.

Sorry to hear about Colin's injury. I remember when I broke my arm the teachers made me do my school work with my left hand. Hope they didn't want to actually read it


It's great to see a pic of the boys and your bio-mom. Dylan at 13 and 5'9" is running a close second to my 14 year old 6'1" son. My how they grow.

Wonder is just wonderful!


Hi Cec - The pattern is a super simple one from "Simply Beautiful Sweaters."

Roxi - Luckily, he'll be able to write with his right hand (sort of) but nowadays if he couldn't, he'd have to have someone write for him. Times change!

Thanks, Marie. :) The hood is huge, but it doesn't bother me enough to change it. ;)


hi bron, is it the one from the back cover? that's cute. another book on my wish list? :-)

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