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October 20, 2005



Oh, that coat was hideous to start with, but knowing they glued it together just makes you want to cry. Is that a boughten ;D boa, or do you knit that, too. If you knit it, then WHY wouldn't you knit it on or attach it in a more traditional SECURE manner?

My guess is that the coat is designed for no other purpose than to sell bucketloads of yarn. I've seen too much of that type of thing lately... no attempt at real design, only an attempt to make the construction of it as pricey as possible.

Twinkle is horrid, too. I don't like garter (or reverse st st) to start with, and I think most people would look at that and assume she was wearing it inside out. And did you see the armholes? Because that's all they are... holes... cast off a few stitches, then cast on a bunch on the next row (probably more than you cast off). Can you even lift your arms in that thing, or are you stuck in that pose? Oh, I know...

"Knit yourself your own straight jacket!"

I'm rather drawn to the burgundy things, too (thanks for the big pictures so we can see some detail). It's one of my favorite colors, and funny how the things in that color look better designed than most of the rest of the stuff in the issue.

I rather like the one pillow in there with black edging and a black design on a striped background. Might make a fun thing to attempt intarsia on.


Psst...Twinkle is the designer. He/she/it does ready-to-wear, too.

I covet that little lace top. I bought the issue for that pattern alone.


Alexandra...Twinkle is the designer - hehehe - yeah, I know. I was being a little too obscurely facetious I think. ;)

But damn - Guess I need to get out of the sticks & into the big-city a little more often to be able to appreciate such a high-falutin' inside-out sweater. ;)

Regarding the little lace top - I'm wondering if a person actually having boobs will effect the look. Hmmmm....

Leisel - The boa is purchased & then glued on. What a crock, eh?

I didn't mention the pillows, but I did like them too. :)


Glue? On a knit project?!? Ewwwww!


Bron, those of us with boobs would ook a little strange in that lace top. Of course, I do know someone who would wear it event hough she shouldn't. And no, it is no one you know.


I agree!! There were very few items in Vogue that I liked, and many that I hated. After looking through the entire mag, I closed the covered and became depressed as that was all they would have for the holidays


I mentioned it because I really did confuse Twinkle for the name of a sweater once.:-) I mean, what the hell kind of name for a designer is that? "Twinkle, twinkle, little star..."


Holy cow, those first two sweaters are ugly as sin. The twinkle one looks like it's inside out!
I am really staying away from Vogue, now.


Many of the things in VK are so over the top that I'd never wear them, but they do have some nice things in them, and they inspire me.


Alexandra - I confused the names too - then, like you, I wondered what the heck was up with a name like "Twinkle!" Sheesh.

Pam - Some of the things in Vogue are really beautiful - it's just a shame it's such an uneven magazine - either really great or really ugly!

Kim - I'm tempted to dig out last year's holiday issue - I don't remember if I liked it or not!

Vera - You're right - we have to remember it IS Vogue & therefore is supposed to be high-fashion which, by definition, very few "real" people would wear. ;)

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